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This is my first blog.   Since it’s a baby blog,  this photo is of new growth on avocado trees, plus newborn avocados!

My husband and I operate a large avocado ranch in Southern California.  Now that our children are grown, family life has changed!   Besides helping us manage the ranch,   our son has started a mail order gift box/subscription  business so that we can share the delicious premium fruit that we grow directly with the people who love to eat it!   The whole family helps with the business, and I do the social media when I’m not teaching music lessons, directing choirs or working on the bookkeeping for the ranch.

I decided to start this blog so I could share stories about life on an avocado ranch,  recipes and food that we enjoy,  and the special things that I discover along the way.   Once in a while we are able to leave the ranch, so  I share our travel adventures too.

I will be writing lots of different kinds of posts.  Will I find a niche?  Not sure yet.  Stay tuned.

One small request:  Please leave me a comment when you read a post so I know that YOU were here!!  One more request:    If you want to follow along,  add your e-mail address to the “Subscribe” box on any page of the site.   Hope we’ll meet up on Facebook, Twitter , Google Plus, Instagram, and Pinterest too!


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  1. Hi Mimi!
    Thanks for posting an informative, interesting blog about what it’s like growing avocados. I recently purchased a 2 acre organic avocado grove in San Diego County and am anxious to see the entire process play out from start to finish. I, too, am a fan of Reed avocados and plan to re-plant with a few Reeds to supplement the Hass and Lamb Hass trees I already have.

    • Welcome! Thank you for your kind words. Have you considered a Fuerte tree or two? Tastiest fruit and ready to eat in winter!

  2. Happy to have found you. Looks like I redirected to you from another avocado farm no longer operating.

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