April 8, 2014
by MimiDHoltz

Springtime: Avocado Flowers, Hummingbirds, and Baby Avocados

  April is the month when everything happens at once in the avocado grove. Farmers  begin to harvest  the crop that has been growing for the past year on the trees.   The avocado trees are in full bloom and … Continue reading

April 1, 2014
by MimiDHoltz

New Avocado Variety for Parties and Weddings

  Special Announcement:  A new avocado variety has been developed that will revolutionize the avocado industry.  Event planners everywhere are excited to offer color-coodinated avocados for conventions,  weddings, and special events.  Imagine offering  hot pink guacamole, or turquoise avocados instead … Continue reading

February 20, 2014
by MimiDHoltz

Flowers in February: Some Will Be Fruit!

  Does this look like winter to you?  Sunny blue skies and warm daytime temperatures are not exactly what we hope for during the winter months.   Visitors from the cold, snowy states love our February beach weather, but we’re … Continue reading

January 21, 2014
by MimiDHoltz

Avocado Grove Tour in January: This is Winter?

Meet Leslie,  a long lost friend from Vermont who stopped by to see us with her husband last week as part of their road trip around the United States.  When we first reconnected through Facebook,  Leslie mentioned that someday she … Continue reading

March 6, 2013
by MimiDHoltz

Mimi Avocado Takes a Farm Tour with California Farm Water Coalition – Part 2

Continued from  Mimi Avocado Takes a Farm Tour with California Farm Water Coalition – Part 1 After lunch, our farm tour continued as  we drove north toward  the Coachella Valley  and  headed out to an area off the main road … Continue reading

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