February 26, 2014
by MimiDHoltz

Pistachio-Crusted Crab Cakes with Quinoa

Happy National Pistachio Day!   To celebrate this special day,  Setton Farms and California Farm Water Coalition offered to send us some of their premium California shelled pistachios, dry-roasted with sea salt…did I hear that correctly?  SHELLED pistachios?  Be still … Continue reading

December 18, 2013
by MimiDHoltz

Shrimp and Garlic Butter Cream Sauce with Broccoli and Crusty Bread

Here’s a tummy-warming treat for holidays!  Dip pieces of crunchy rustic bread into the creamy sauce and soak up all that garlicky goodness.  Need gluten free?  Use broccoli instead!  Steamed until it turns bright green like tiny Christmas trees! In … Continue reading

December 15, 2013
by MimiDHoltz

Shrimp Crostini with Avocado Butter: Holiday Appetizer

I’m always looking for new ideas for holiday appetizers.  This week I’ve been trying out some ideas with shrimp and Kerrygold unsalted butter, and  I’m excited to share the results with you!   Each dish begins with shrimp sautéed in … Continue reading

November 22, 2013
by MimiDHoltz

Blueberry Roast Pork and Vegetables with Rosemary

When I think of blueberries,  I usually think of pie or fresh blueberry tart.  Blueberries used to be a special treat available only during the summertime. Now that blueberries are available frozen or fresh year round,  there’s no reason to … Continue reading

November 10, 2013
by MimiDHoltz
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Italian Sausage, Cheddar, and Zucchini Flat Bread with Kerrygold’s Skellig

Here’s an idea for a quick supper or a party finger food.  The key ingredient is Kerrygold’s  Skellig cheddar cheese… a creamy, full-flavored cheddar with the sweetness of apples.   Skellig  melts quickly…bubbling in the broiler…transforming flat bread into a … Continue reading

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