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Mimi Holtz

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  1. Dear Mimi,

    As an attendee of BlogHer ‘12, we would like to invite you to the Iconix Gifting and Celebrity Suite on August 2 and 3. Come for free cocktails, nosh, gifts from over 30 consumer fashion and entertainment brands, and meet and greets with the one and only Snoopy and celebrity designers Mark Badgley and James Mischka (of Badgley Mischka)!

    We’re located right in the Sheraton Hotel Lobby (next door to the Hilton). For more information and to RSVP, email [email protected]. Hope to see you there. Please feel free to pass this along to any of your friends attending BlogHer. Anyone registered for the conference will be allowed in.

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    Best wishes,

    The Iconix Team!

  2. Mimi— Why is’nt my fuerte dwarf 4 year old not bearing fruit. I’ve fertilized and watered , but no fruit. Thanks. Don Farrell—love your recipes

  3. Research “driving nails into avocado tree trunk”…Google search will show MANY references to this method. I went from NO fruit to HUNDREDS in one additional season. It worked for me.
    David DiStefano recently posted..Vanilla Pear Oatmeal Quick BreadMy Profile

  4. I saw the report on channel 5 news, and have a suggestion.
    I live in a mobile home park with lots of fruit trees at each one of the homes.
    Maybe if you guys were to pick them you could get them for nothing as most people never pick the fruit off the trees.
    Then add them to the boxes that you are creating.

    • Hi Bill,

      We have plenty of trees here at the ranch. Maybe some of the people who live in your park could pick the fruit and deliver it to the porches of older residents who can’t get out? Be sure to wear a mask! Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. Just made your popovers and I am thrilled! I’ve been making popovers my whole life but these are amazing. Thank you for the helpful tips! I got your recipe when JoAnn Stehly shared it on Facebook. We went to school together. I look forward to more of your content.

    Best wishes,

    • Hi Anne! I am thrilled that you are thrilled! Popovers are such comfort food – and just to watch them rise and succeed in the oven is a spirit booster! Thank you for your comment – it made my day!


  6. Hi Mimi, I live in Mission Viejo. I planted my first avocado 3 1/2 years ago and it was a five gallon size. I was planted on a raised bed on our steep slope. The raised bed was to help alleviate any problem with drainage as we have clay soil. I dug down pretty deep initially and I also used a 24″ long auger on both sides of the planting area to incorporate lots of organic matter.

    Last year we had 15 reeds set and I’m expecting to harvest them later this summer.
    This years blossoms were incredible……they covered every inch of the tree. And we have several hundred tiny fruits. I realize most will drop.

    The new leaves were very slow to grow and they are smaller than the past two years. I’m not sure if this has to do with not enough water or the gigantic fruit set?

    The upper soil all around the root zone has 4-6″ of mulch. I have an inexpensive moisture meter that has about 9″ probes. I haven’t added much water because the upper soil read moist.

    I’m concerned I’m not watering enough. I also had a gopher dig a hole directly under the tree. I flooded the hole last fall and then used a smoke bomb in his tunnel about 8′ from the tree. The gopher may have damaged or eaten some of the roots. No gopher activity since last October.

    On this same slope I planted lots of California native low water plants and they are all doing really well. Same planting hole prepreration. 24″ auger, lots of compost.

    I may be too convervative about watering the avocado. I haven’t fertilized the tree because I have such a thick layer of mulch.


    • Hi Ron,
      I read your letter to The Farmer. He suggests that your tree needs a small amount of liquid or granular fertilizer. It sounds like your tree is off to a good start — and your mulch is great but it doesn’t provide nitrogen. If you put too much fertilizer on right now, it will cause the fruit to drop. The tree is working hard to grow the current crop that you plan to pick, the baby fruits, and the leaves. It is best to do a little fertilizer throughout the growing months – beginning in February to prepare for the bloom, and add a little fertilizer every month. Following the moisture content of your soil at 9″ is great. Watch for heat spells and up your irrigation in anticipation so the tree doesn’t get stressed.

      The tree definitely needs nitrogen to grow — to protect the current crop, and to grow the new crop for next year. The Farmer says the leaves will catch up if you give the tree a little fertilizer. In April and May the leaves drop naturally due to the blooming and setting of new fruits — then the new growth comes out to protect the new fruit.

      Aren’t avocado trees fascinating? Our recommendation is that you buy either granular or liquid fertilizer (dilute in a bucket and spread it around)– you don’t need much — a nursery can sell you plant food — he recommends 15-15-15 usually.

      You have done so many things right with your heavy soil and your mulch. AND you have a crop!

      Hope this helps.

      • Thanks Mimi, I suspected the leaves were slow to grow because of the hundreds of small avocados fruits that set this year. I thought it might be working overtime. I appreciate your suggestion on the fertilizer. I found one that was 16-16-16. My tree is now ten feet tall. How many measuring cups monthly would a small amount be?

        • One cup a month is a good start, beginning in Feb and going until the hot weather starts up in late July — basically 6 months. I’ve noticed that some of our trees drop leaves when they bloom and set babies — but miraculously the new growth begins to sprout and cover the baby avocados too. We hope not to have really hot weather when those babies are exposed.

  7. Oh above message from Ron, my tree is ten feet tall. It’s already grown this year 15″.

  8. Thanks Mimi, Appreciate you suggesting to use a small amount of fertilizer monthly.
    My tree is now ten feet tall. I found a 16-16-16 fertilizer. Would a monthly amount be about one cup a month?

  9. Hi Mimi, Thank you for the email about fertilizing my reed and fuerte avocado trees. I did boy have they perked up. I have another problem. This was the first year we had reeds. Total of 18. In June I noticed two had been eaten and I presumed a possom or raccoon. I set up an electric fence I used years ago on around my tomatoes. I but I was still loosing reeds. I suspected rats because I know we have rats eating from our orange tree which next to the reed.
    I also look up rats on avocados and sure enough they eat them. Can you recommend the most effective rat poison to use. Around the orange I use rat traps and I’ve caught several but not all of them. I put peanut butter out for three nights and then I put peanut butter and set the trap. I get them 85% of the time. I think poison might be a better option. Do you have any suggestions. So far the rats are winning. Thank you in advace for your recommendation.

    • Hi Ron,
      Rats and squirrels can be a big problem. Just about any rat poison should work — just be careful about pets in the neighborhood. We rely on natural predators to take care of rats. Someone I know is using traps in her garden. Sounds like you have a pretty good method with the peanut butter. Sadly, I do think that rats win most of the time. Since our grove is so large, there are always avocados on the ground, and we find the little tooth marks in them. In our case, there are plenty of avocados — and the wildlife get their share.

  10. Mimi,
    I just came across a reference to Reed avocados and would love to give them a try. It sounds like you still have a few – can I order some? Seems they mature a little later than Haas. That’s not a problem. Please let me know.

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