End of March…Finding Flowers in the Avocado Grove

new growth on avocado trees

New red leaves appear as the trees begin to bud!

March is one of my favorite times of year in the avocado grove.  The trees begin to sprout beautiful new growth in tones of red and pink.   As the new leaves sprout, the buds of the avocado flowers begin to appear too!

avocado flower buds

The buds grow faster than the new leaves!

As the buds grow bigger and begin to open,  the trees begin to look shaggy with the spindly flowers making a splash of light lemon-lime color on the hillsides.

spring color in the av ocado grove

Instead of fall colors, we have Spring Colors in the avocado grove!

The tiny flowers begin to open, one by one.

one avocado flower opens

The first flower has opened!

Like tiny stars,  each flower has the potential to become an avocado!  But not every flower will be pollinated, or will have the chance to develop into a fruit.

bees pollinate avocado flowers

This bee has found the open flowers!

As the flowers open,  the avocado trees become a busy place, with bees gathering nectar.    The sound of bees buzzing in the trees is quite loud!  Humming, buzzing….bees!    They aren’t paying attention to people…only to the flowers!

avocado flowers opening

Some trees are in full bloom while others are just beginning to open.

Some trees begin to bloom early,  while others take more time.  The new leaves continue to grow so they will be able to shade the new baby avocados from the warm springtime sun!

avocado flower

Have you heard about avocado flowers? They are female one day and male the next!

If you haven’t heard the story of avocado flowers,  check out the post about Where Baby Avocados Come From!  It’s a fascinating story! Flowers that can be male one day and female the next!

mature avocados are ready to pick!

Low-hanging fruit!

At the same time,  the new crop of avocados is mature and sizing up!   It’s time to pick those beauties so that the tree will have energy to set the new fruit and allow them to begin to grow!   This year’s crop is on the tree at the same time that next year’s crop is getting started.

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subscription box of avocados

A box of fresh California Avocados comes to you in the mail every month!



Where Do Baby Avocados Come From?

avocado blossom

Avocado Flowers

Baby avocados begin as a flower.  Have you ever seen an avocado flower?  They’re very small, but they do a very big job!  When these little flowers first open they are female.  Their stigma can receive pollen, but the stamen won’t shed pollen at first.   The nectar produced in the flower attracts bees,   the bees  carry pollen from one flower to another,  and that pollen gets deposited onto the stigma of this new flower.


Can you see the bee?

Sex Life of an Avocado

This new flower stays open for only 2-3 hours, then closes and stays closed for the rest of the day and night.   The next day,  the flower opens again, but this time it will shed pollen … it is now a male flower!  It stays open for a few hours and then closes again.   If it was successfully pollinated on the first day, it will develop into a new avocado.

new avocados

Here you can see flowers as well as new avocados!

If this isn’t complicated enough, consider this:  There are two kinds of avocado flowers!  They are called “A” and “B”.  The “A” flowers are female first, then male.  The “B” flowers are male first and then female.  So it works out that there are male and female flowers open at the same time.  Isn’t nature wonderful?   If you want more technical information,  The University of California has a great article about it here.


Avocado Flower Buds

Avocado Flower Buds: Which will they be first, male or female?

Pick the Biggest Avocados First

When avocado trees bloom,  the crop that has been growing over the past year is still on the tree.  This is why we pick the biggest avocados just before the trees begin to bloom.  The trees need to use their energy to produce flowers and new little babies, so we take the biggest fruit off of the tree.   The smaller fruit is left on the tree to size up.  We will pick that fruit later in the season. And at the same time, the baby avocados begin to grow!

New Baby Avocados

Baby Avocados!

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