April 2, 2014
by MimiDHoltz
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Avocado+Egg+Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich For Breakfast

 Today I grilled a piece of sourdough bread, added a fried egg, some bacon, melted cheddar cheese and sliced avocados.  The taste of that cheddar cheese reminded me of grilled cheese sandwiches. I was thinking about how much I used … Continue reading

April 1, 2014
by MimiDHoltz

New Avocado Variety for Parties and Weddings

  Special Announcement:  A new avocado variety has been developed that will revolutionize the avocado industry.  Event planners everywhere are excited to offer color-coodinated avocados for conventions,  weddings, and special events.  Imagine offering  hot pink guacamole, or turquoise avocados instead … Continue reading

April 14, 2013
by MimiDHoltz

Making Guacamole with Hard Avocados

Some of you are wondering if this is an April Fool’s joke.  Sadly, it is not.  I just finished reading a small item in Real Simple magazine about making guacamole out of hard avocados.  Really. Rock Hard Avocados The avocados … Continue reading

April 11, 2013
by MimiDHoltz

Mâché Salad with Avocado, Orange, Mango and Toasted Almonds: A Trip to Napa Valley!

  Before I tell you about my latest avocado salad creation, I have to tell you why I was inspired to make it.  Last week

March 12, 2013
by MimiDHoltz

Easily Entertained: Having Fun with Avocados and Cookie Cutters

Remember when we were told NOT to play with our food?  Ha! Just try to stop me! This cookie cutter thing is waaay too much fun.  The great thing about Fuerte avocados is that when the skin is pulled away … Continue reading

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