Farmer’s Breakfast: Something Special for a Saturday

Scramble on Toast with Avocados, Sundried Tomatoes and Feta

Farmers' Breakfast: Scramble on Toast with Avocados, Sundried Tomatoes and Feta

On a farm,  Saturday morning is a work day just like any other day.  Now that our children are grown and I am no longer meeting school buses or driving to after-school activities,  Saturdays really do seem like a normal day,  except that I have special jobs to do, like writing the weekly payroll for our employees.   I remember how wonderful Saturday mornings were when we were growing up.  No school  and we were allowed to watch Saturday morning cartoons on television.   Just a relaxing time, and often with a special breakfast of french toast or pancakes and bacon.

Homemade Bread from La Fuji Mama

The best gift! Homemade Bread!

One way to make Saturday special is to bring back the special breakfast tradition.    Our friend Rachael (La Fuji Mama) presented The Farmer with a homemade loaf of bread yesterday,  so I decided to make an extra-delicious scramble to go on top of thick slices of toasted Fuji Mama Bread!

Last weekend I bought some shallots at the Little Italy Mercato from our cousins, Schaner Farms.  They sell an amazing array of their homegrown produce at various  farmers’ markets, including Santa Monica,  Vista,  Del Mar and Little Italy.  It’s always fun to visit with them and catch up on our family news!  Kayne and Peter Schaner are our youngest daughter’s godparents.

Kayne Schaner of Schaner Farms

Kayne Schaner of Schaner Farms at Little Italy Mercato

I learned about another California family farm this week who is bringing delicious sundried tomato products to kitchens all over the world.  Mooney Farms  of Chico, California produces the Bella Sun Luci brand of sundried tomatoes, available in small packages that are convenient and perfect for everyday family cooking.    I received a package of their Sun Dried Tomatoes with Italian Basil (julienne-cut) at Camp Blogaway two weeks ago.  After exploring the Mooney Farms website and seeing a film about their family farm on Facebook,  I was eager to try their tomatoes.  My husband’s father grew tomatoes for 40 years while raising his family in Huntington Beach, California so we have a special interest in family-farmed tomatoes!


Bella Sun Luci sundried tomatoes

Mooney Farms is a Chico, Ca family farm that produces Bella Sun Luci Sun Dried Tomatoes

This morning I used fresh shallots from Schaner Farms,   Bella Sun Luci Sun Dried Tomatoes from Mooney Farms,  and  fresh California avocados from our own farm to make a special batch of  scrambled eggs.   Topped with some crumbled Greek feta cheese too!  On top of Fuji Mama’s  delicious toasted homemade bread.  Our Saturday morning IS special now!

Scrambled eggs on Toast

Scrambled Eggs with shallots, sun dried tomatoes, avocados and feta on homemade toast!



Happy Memories Are the Greatest Gift, Part 2: Hospitality and Community


Wedding Dance

Our first dance in 1982

We have tried to get away for at least one night to celebrate our anniversary each year, and that usually means we are staying close to home.  If you are married to a farmer who needs to be close to his work,   it’s  a good idea to live within driving distance of a great vacation area.    San Diego has been a wonderful place for our short getaways, even though it’s  less than an hour’s drive from our ranch.

This year we decided to go to the Hilton Bayfront.   A friend had  recommended it several times and we wanted a newer San Diego hotel with views of the bay.   We reserved a corner room online  and mentioned in the comment box  that we would be celebrating our 30th anniversary.   We knew  Hilton offers great hospitality but we were still  surprised and delighted by the excitement with which we were greeted at the front desk!   When I asked about internet, the manager told me it would be extended free of charge in honor of our anniversary!   Then he added complimentary buffet coupons for both of the mornings of our stay.   The big smiles and hearty best wishes earned the front desk staff  big points with us!  Even the man who brought our luggage went out of his way to make sure we had vouchers for free water, and checked to see that we had robes in our own sizes in the closet.    Our happy memories were already being made, and we had only just checked in!

Hilton Bayfront

San Diego Hilton Bayfront with near Coronado Bay Bridge

We decided to look around the hotel,  check out the fitness center and pool,  find the various shops and restaurants.  When we returned to our room we found a tray with complimentary champagne,  chocolate dipped strawberries and truffles!  The front desk staff had even made us a “Happy Anniversary” card!   It felt like we were staying with close friends!   We enjoyed the Oceansea lounge on Friday evening and the breakfast buffet at Vela in the morning including my husband’s favorite jumbo prawns.

Hilton pool



Chambpagne, strawberries and shrimp at the Hilton Bayfront

Champagne, strawberries, truffles and shrimp at the Hilton Bayfront


On Saturday morning we drove  to the Little Italy Mercato.  This is not an ordinary farmers’ market, but a community gathering with food,  live music, artisan products, gorgeous displays of fresh produce and flowers, jewelry, clothing, culinary gadgets,  pet accessories,  and you-name-it. We were glad to see our cousin, Jacob Schaner at his family’s produce stand and enjoyed some fresh squeezed orange-lime juice.

Little Italy Farmers Market

Beautiful view at the Little Italy Mercado


products from Little Italy Mercado

Some of the unique artisan products at the market

San Diego is a wonderful city with beautiful hotels, delightful restaurants and exciting tourist attractions.   Each time we spend a few days away from the ranch,  we have new adventures and establish new memories.    Although we are not free to travel far from home very often,  there are plenty of wonderful places to visit when we have a day or two off.   Next:  Our new favorite restaurants.

to be continued





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