Flowers in February: Some Will Be Fruit!

ranchbluesky  Does this look like winter to you?  Sunny blue skies and warm daytime temperatures are not exactly what we hope for during the winter months.   Visitors from the cold, snowy states love our February beach weather, but we’re wishing for rain.  Farmers have no choice but to keep irrigating daily, knowing that the cost of water could eliminate any hope of making a good living this year.   With the warm weather, avocado trees are beginning an early bloom.


Even the youngest avocado trees think it’s time to bloom!  This baby tree was planted last summer, and already the flowers appearing. The fruit that sets with these flowers will not be ready to pick until 2015.

Avocados are not the only blooming trees and plants.  Today I took a walk around the ranch taking photos to share with you! Continue reading

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