Avocado Sunshine on Toast: Winter Fun

avocado toast

We were thrilled to get 3 inches of rain earlier this month,  and equally thrilled to be able to  take a week off from irrigating the avocado groves to do some local touring with friends who were visiting us from Vermont.   Today I’m sharing some of our Fuerte avocado deliciousness and some fun places to visit when you’re in the San Diego area.

As much as we love our winter rains,  it’s great to have some sunshine on our toast for breakfast!  With Fuerte avocado season in full swing, we’ve been enjoying creamy avocado slices every morning with our  eggs and on toast.  Fuerte avocados are known for their characteristic full nutty flavor.  Come to think of it,  I think they are my all time favorites!

Fuerte avocados

How to Enjoy Fuerte Avocados on Toast

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Let Me Call You Sweetheart, Fuerte Avocados!

Avocado Valentine

It’s that time of year again when we might be thinking about Valentine’s Day gifts.   Some people put a lot of meaning into the one day, hoping that their sweetheart will remember to shower them with roses,  jewelry,  or a special dinner out.   As much as I enjoy those romantic gestures on the one day set aside to celebrate romantic love,  I wouldn’t trade the everyday expressions of affection that come with a marriage that has lasted just over 33 years.

In the early days I spent weeks planning the Valentine dinner,  choosing the perfect little gift, and reading all the Valentine cards in the store to find the one that seemed to have special meaning just for us.   As the years have gone by,  there have been some Valentine’s Days when we were too busy with our four children or our jobs to come up for air,  much less celebrate with a romantic evening.   Now that the children are grown and have their own lives,  we have time again to put some thought into Valentine’s Day.

The funny thing is that after all these years the store-bought cards and the designer bouquets don’t have the same kind of romantic meaning that they once did.   At this stage of our lives we value an inside joke,  a creative whimsy,  or an extraordinary gesture of caring that really shows that our sweetheart knows what we like and genuinely wants to go the extra mile to please us.


Every winter there  is a flock of mallard ducks that swim in a pond on our ranch.  Sometimes The Farmer makes a point to tell me  he has seen them on the pond. Continue reading

California Avocados Direct 2014 Season Opener


Spring has arrived here in Southern California, and that means it’s time to begin picking the avocados!   The biggest avocados will be selected and harvested now to make room for the new babies to begin growing.   The trees are already blooming, as you can see the shaggy yellow blossoms which make the trees look much lighter in color than the dark green leaves that are usually visible.

wildflower-gardenAfter a long, dry winter we finally had some rain two weeks ago.  Now the wild flowers are blooming!  Without rain, the ground stays brown.

new-growthWhen the buds for the blossoms begin to grow,  the tree also starts to put out some new leaves.  I like to think of those new reddish leaves as little umbrellas that will grow bigger and shade the new avocados from the sun.

blossomHere is the first flower opening!  They look like tiny yellow stars.  Did you know that avocado flowers are male or female when they first open,  and on the next day when they open again they are opposite?  Some flowers open male at first and then change to female.  Others start out female and open again as male.  Isn’t nature fascinating!

avocado-with-budsThe mature avocados have been growing for a whole year, and are still on the tree when the tree begins to bloom.  Now is the time to begin picking the largest avocados so the tree will have energy to make the smaller avocados grow bigger, as well as set new fruit for next year.

large-fruit-to-pickWe’ll be picking some large and jumbo size avocados on Monday morning to ship directly to customers all over the United States.  Our avocado mail-order website is CaliforniaAvocadosDirect.com where you can order a box of California avocados selected and picked just for you!  Or send some California avocados as a gift to someone you love.   We have both Fuerte and Hass varieties available now in the month of March.


Happy Spring to you!  Enjoy the beautiful avocado flowers!  (The bees are busy pollinating the flowers so that we can have delicious avocados next year.  You can hear them buzzing out in the grove if you listen. bzzzzzzzzzzz)




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