Fun Cooking Magazine for Families and a Giveaway!

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Have you started thinking about holiday gifts yet?  I’m always on the lookout for gift ideas, especially as the holiday season approaches.   Here’s an idea for a family gift that will encourage learning and healthful eating!  Send a gift subscription to ChopChop Magazine!

ChopChop is the fun cooking magazine for families, inspiring and teaching kids to cook and eat real food with their families.  Endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, it was named publication of the year by the James Beard Foundation and is a two-time winner of the Parent’s Choice Awards.

ChopChop’s vision is to reverse and prevent childhood obesity and hunger.  They believe in the simple values of cooking together as family and sharing healthy, delicious meals.  They don’t do calorie counts or post nutrition content, but everything in the magazine is reviewed and approved by their medical and nutrition advisors.

 As a member of the Cabot Cheese Board, I’m  hosting a giveaway for a one year subscription to the magazine and a gift box of wonderful Cabot Cheese.   Keep reading or scroll to the bottom of this post to enter.

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Cocktails For Cougars and Cowgirls

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Here’s a great gift idea for girlfriends!  Cocktails for Cougars and Cowgirls: Simple and Delicious Recipes for Every Woman presents the prettiest and tastiest cocktails!  Inspired by young brides, grandmothers, homemakers, executives, cougars, and cowgirls,  these recipes start  our celebrations in style!

I love ordering fancy drinks when I’m out for dinner or on vacation.  Reading through a menu of creative cocktails, thinking about the combinations of flavors, considering which one to try,  and imagining how pretty the drink will be when it’s delivered to the table is a process that  transforms a tiring day into a happy evening.  Jordan Catapano and Jocelyn Dunn Muhlbach have written the perfect little book so that we can make our own fancy cocktails for  stay-at-home evenings alone, family celebrations, or parties with friends.

This Girls Walks Into a Bar

I first met Jocelyn and Jordan at the Big Traveling Potluck 2014,  a retreat weekend for food bloggers Continue reading

Cabot Creamery Cookbook and Cheese Giveaway!

Cabot Creamery CookbookWho loves Cabot cheese?  I do!  I grew up not far from Cabot, Vermont and still enjoy driving over to visit the creamery.  Want to win a copy of their new cookbook and some scrumptious Cabot cheeses?  Of course you do!

If you have never visited Cabot, Vermont,  be sure to read this post about my visit in the summertime! Cabot cheddar cheese has been a family favorite for as long as I can remember.  We carry 3 lb. bricks of Seriously Sharp Cheddar in our suitcases when we return to California from Vermont!   Of course, that isn’t really necessary now that Cabot cheeses are available in grocery stores all over the USA.

The Cabot Creamery Cookbook

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