Christmas Reflections 2013

ChristmasPin2013I received this unique Christmas tree pin as a gift this year from my daughter and her boyfriend.  When I unwrapped it, I loved it immediately.  The colors…the sparkle…the shapes and textures.  But the sweetest part of the jewel arrived when they announced, “This gift comes with a story!”

They found the pin in a store at the mall, but didn’t buy it right away.  Instead,  they walked away to see what might be in several other shops before deciding to return to the first store for this special Christmas tree.  When they looked for the blue green tree in the display it was not there, so they asked the clerk if she had more.  They described this special pin in detail, and the sales clerk knew exactly which one they wanted,  but regretfully the pin had been sold a few minutes earlier.

As disappointment settled over  my twenty-something daughter and her boyfriend,  a middle-aged  lady carrying several shopping bags approached them.   Continue reading

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