Avocados for the Holidays

How are you coming with your preparations for the holidays?   If you’re like me,  the weeks before Christmas fly by!   So many fun activities,  including rehearsals,  musical performances,  parties, Christmas Parade and family gatherings…plus shopping!   This year I’m having some extra fun answering phones for our family farm’s website  CaliforniaAvocadosDirect.com.   It truly is a pleasure to meet people over the phone who love California avocados and want to send them to friends and family as holiday gifts.  (2015 Update:  I’m not answering phones this year, but you can still call to order avocados!)

Some folks have moved away from California and miss the special avocados they used to enjoy when they lived here.  Some folks grew up with avocado trees, or their parents and grandparents had an avocado ranch many years ago.   I love talking with folks who live far away from California, Continue reading

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