Flowers in February

succulent flower

I have never been a fan of succulents.  To me, they always looked artificial and foreign.  Nothing like the spring flowers that grow in the woods of Vermont, or the field flowers that appear throughout the summer, creating a annual timeline that foretells the coming of autumn and winter.   Succulents grow so slowly, methodically, and permanently.

Last week I spied this little star flower, and took a photograph.  When I looked at the plant close-up,  I noticed the frilly purple lace colored on the leaves, and the pale leopard print of purple on the petals of the flowers.  The plant that has been growing in a lonely pot in a corner with no attention nor appreciation has suddenly become a ‘star’ worthy of a photograph and a “come see this spectacular flower”.

white flowers

I decided to look around the yard to see what else I was missing.   Some of last year’s spring flowers must have reseeded themselves, volunteering to reappear after the recent rains. Continue reading

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