Susie’s Blueberry Tart: A Summertime Treat!

blueberry tart and ice creamIt’s summertime in Vermont, and that means blueberries!   There are several blueberry bushes in my mother’s yard, but we have never seen many berries on them.   I was so surprised when I arrived for my summertime visit and walked around the yard.  Those bushes are loaded with plump, juicy berries this year!   With all the rain this summer, farmers have had trouble planting corn, but the blueberry growers are thrilled!  Our local TVl news station even did a story about blueberries: how the rain has been great for them and how a flock of birds will fly in and devour an entire crop of berries in a few hours.

Vermont blueberriesHave you ever read the children’s classic Blueberries for Sal?  My mother read us that book, and to this day I can’t pick blueberries without thinking about that story.

 With blueberries ripening it’s  the perfect time to bring out the recipe for blueberry tart that we have enjoyed for many years. Continue reading

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