Mimi Avocado Shares: Food, Family and Tradition by Lynn Kirsche Shapiro

book cover

As soon as I saw this  book, I knew I wanted to read it.  Food, Family and Tradition  is a cookbook offering family recipes passed down through generations.  It is also a wonderful family memoir, with contributions by children and grandchildren,   telling the stories of their  beloved parents and grandparents.   This remarkable family has  survived the unspeakable tragedy of the Holocaust,  breaking the continuity of an Eastern European family tree,  but bringing forth the new branches of generations to come in the USA, Europe, and Israel.



In writing her book, Lynn Kirsche Shapiro has collected the history of her cherished family,  told their stories,  explained their beliefs and customs,  and shared their family recipes.  Lynn is an accomplished woman in her early 60’s,  a grandmother, teacher, recipe developer,  business woman, traveler, and now an author.    Her parents were the founders of the largest all-kosher supermarket in the Midwest,  which has continued as a family business to the present day.  As survivors of the Holocaust,  the family carries the memories Continue reading

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