End of March…Finding Flowers in the Avocado Grove


new growth on avocado trees

New red leaves appear as the trees begin to bud!

March is one of my favorite times of year in the avocado grove.  The trees begin to sprout beautiful new growth in tones of red and pink.   As the new leaves sprout, the buds of the avocado flowers begin to appear too!

avocado flower buds

The buds grow faster than the new leaves!

As the buds grow bigger and begin to open,  the trees begin to look shaggy with the spindly flowers making a splash of light lemon-lime color on the hillsides.

spring color in the av ocado grove

Instead of fall colors, we have Spring Colors in the avocado grove!

The tiny flowers begin to open, one by one.

one avocado flower opens

The first flower has opened!

Like tiny stars,  each flower has the potential to become an avocado!  But not every flower will be pollinated, or will have the chance to develop into a fruit.

bees pollinate avocado flowers

This bee has found the open flowers!

As the flowers open,  the avocado trees become a busy place, with bees gathering nectar.    The sound of bees buzzing in the trees is quite loud!  Humming, buzzing….bees!    They aren’t paying attention to people…only to the flowers!

avocado flowers opening

Some trees are in full bloom while others are just beginning to open.

Some trees begin to bloom early,  while others take more time.  The new leaves continue to grow so they will be able to shade the new baby avocados from the warm springtime sun!

avocado flower

Have you heard about avocado flowers? They are female one day and male the next!

If you haven’t heard the story of avocado flowers,  check out the post about Where Baby Avocados Come From!  It’s a fascinating story! Flowers that can be male one day and female the next!

mature avocados are ready to pick!

Low-hanging fruit!

At the same time,  the new crop of avocados is mature and sizing up!   It’s time to pick those beauties so that the tree will have energy to set the new fruit and allow them to begin to grow!   This year’s crop is on the tree at the same time that next year’s crop is getting started.

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subscription box of avocados

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  1. Last summer was the 1st time my avacodo plant flowered. I thought it died, so I brought it inside for winter. Now from 1 seed I have many shoots coming up. My question is “do I separate the shoots into different pots or transfer the whole pot into 1 huge one? I live in Washington State. Any answers to what I need to do????

  2. Something eats or cuts off the flowers as they develop into small fruit. Any idea what and how to control?

    • Sometimes those little babies just fall off on their own. Have you seen pests in you trees?

      • My avocado tree was started as a seed and last year I had small avacado’ s on and again this year but they all fell off.. what causes that?

        • Sometimes trees just aren’t strong enough to hold the fruit. Our trees drop small avocados too. We just hope that ALL of them don’t drop! It could be that your trees need nutrients (fertilizer) or perhaps the weather heated up and the tree didn’t get enough water at the right time. We have to anticipate hot weather and water the trees before the heat hits. Hope this answers your question.

  3. I sprouted my tree from a single seed. It’s in the yard, not potted. It’s a giant tree about 8 ft tall and finally has flowers. I didn’t see much bees but lots of ants. How would I know if any of the flowers will become fruits?
    It’s been 10 yrs, I’m just happy that is flowered 😀
    I’m in san francisco, ca

    • Yes I know the feeling. Both of mine are from seed,they are in 25gal pots one is 9 the other 10 years old. When we’ve back down to the gulf coast they are in the ground.

    • If you look closely at the flowers, if they have been pollinated, a tiny little green fruit the size of a BB will begin to grow. Soon it will be the size of an olive ….and then bigger! Lots of these tiny fruits will fall on the ground, but hopefully some will stay on the tree and grow for the next 8-10 months until they are mature.

  4. I bought a grafted avocado plant last year and kept it in a big pot inside. The plant is growing very well and started some new flower buds. but last week I noticed some black/brown spots on the leaves. should I be concerned.

    • Usually the spots on the leaves are due to the plant taking up salt from the soil. Avocado trees need to have the soil leached….lots of water to wash out the accumulated salts from the water. Can you take it outside and run water through the soil? Or re-pot with new soil?

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