Flowers in February: Some Will Be Fruit!


ranchbluesky  Does this look like winter to you?  Sunny blue skies and warm daytime temperatures are not exactly what we hope for during the winter months.   Visitors from the cold, snowy states love our February beach weather, but we’re wishing for rain.  Farmers have no choice but to keep irrigating daily, knowing that the cost of water could eliminate any hope of making a good living this year.   With the warm weather, avocado trees are beginning an early bloom.


Even the youngest avocado trees think it’s time to bloom!  This baby tree was planted last summer, and already the flowers appearing. The fruit that sets with these flowers will not be ready to pick until 2015.

Avocados are not the only blooming trees and plants.  Today I took a walk around the ranch taking photos to share with you!

tangerinetreesThese tangerines look good enough to eat, but they won’t be sweet until summer.  Meanwhile, the tree is blooming and will begin to set next year’s crop.

lemonsHere is a Meyer lemon tree…even the lemons are beginning to flower!

apricotbloomsThe apricot tree is flowering and beginning to grow leaves at the same time.  Apricots are deciduous,  meaning they drop their leaves during the winter.  The bare tree branches have white blossoms that look like popcorn.  Have you heard the children’s song “Popcorn popping on the apricot tree”?  PomogranateCan you guess what kind of fruit will grow from this flower?  Hint:  it’s big, it’s red, and it has lots of little  juicy arils inside.   You’re right!  This is a pomegranate flower!

aloeThis is an aloe vera flower…you can see the tops of the spikey leaves at the bottom of the photo.  Cut open an aloe leaf to get the healing gel to put on a burn or a skin injury.

birdofparadiseHere is a Bird of Paradise… they are drought tolerant and so are the aloe vera plants, which come in different colors.

cameliaThe camellias are blooming now, but they aren’t wild and they don’t produce fruit.  They’re just pretty shrubs around our house.

wildflowersThese flowers bloom in February every year.  I’m always amazed that they can grow right out of the hard, dry soil next to a big rock!  Even without rain they manage to bloom in the wintertime.  These flowers close up at night and open again in the morning.


I saved the best for last!  These are freesias!  They grow in my garden from bulbs…and they smell delicious!   I love all the colors!

Now that I’ve shared all our winter flowers with you,  how about sharing some precipitation with us?  Won’t you send us some rain,  please?












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  1. Beautiful flowers & photos! Enjoy!

  2. My tree’s must be a little behind yours as my 3ft. Sharwill is just starting and the Hass also is just starting to flower. Should I cut off all the flowers on the Sharwill? I really don’t think she is strong enough to hold fruit yet.

    • Hi Chuck! We don’t have any Sharwill. We don’t cut flowers off our trees though…if they set fruit the little baby avocados may fall off on their own.

  3. Love the photos, Mimi, especially the freesia. We’re far enough north here in Chico that the only trees beginning to flower in my teensy orchard is the almond. The apricots, cherries, peaches and others don’t show signs yet. We could still get a freeze as late as next month. Like you, I sure wish it would rain!

  4. Ok thanks, I just wish it was a bit bigger. Maybe next year. 🙂

  5. Your ranch is so beautiful!! Can’t wait to see all these blooms next week. And rain coming on Thursday! YAY! What a wonderful way to find inspiration.
    Laura @ Family Spice recently posted..Vanilla Ice Cream with Blood Orange Balsamic VinegarMy Profile

  6. I bought a dwarf avacado 2 years ago [no name] at home depot. The clerk said I would’nt get any that year ,but I got one. Last year I got 5. This year , I have thousands of flowers. The bees are working hard.I hope we get lots of fruit,because my wife and love avacados.Can you give me an estimate how many ,we might get this year?. Don Farrell

    • Sounds like you are taking good care of your tree to have it produce! We are fertilizing now and excited to get rain to leach the salts from the soil. I have no way to estimate your crop…depends on lots of things! Keep it well irrigated! Good luck! Thanks for stopping by!

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