No, That Wasn’t Winter


Snow in October!

It really did look like Christmas on the day before Halloween! We enjoyed the 4 inches of snow while it lasted, which wasn’t very long. The sun came out and melted most of it in one day, but a little snow was on the ground for several days after the storm. Luckily we never lost power like the unfortunate folks in Connecticut and other states south of us.

I went out to enjoy the views, walking up the road to get an unobstructed view of Camel’s Hump. The little snow hats on the pumpkins were a new sight for me.

Later in the week Mom agreed to come out with me on her scooter. She walks down the basement stairs, puts on her jacket and her hat, hops on the scooter and away we go! Often we have a strong wind that can be really cold, so it takes just the right day for Mom to be able to enjoy the ride up the road.

I had forgotten how beautiful the end of autumn can be in Vermont. The leaves have left the trees so more is visible than in the summertime. Milkweed pods are bursting open and the silky feathers that carry the seeds are fluffing themselves in anticipation. Just a few colorful leaves are left as the long cold season sets in.

Mature milkweed pod, not open yet.


Pod is open, seeds are still inside


Seed are begiinning to fluff out


Wind has blown the seed away!


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