Adventures of the Avocado Sisters Part 3: Picking Wildflowers on the Ranch


egg hunt in the avocado grove

Egghunt on the Avocado Ranch with Fuji Mama

You may remember the Avocado Sisters’ latest adventure in the avocado grove…an exciting egg hunt with Bug and Squirrel.     We promised the girls that they could pick wildflowers, so they were eager to find lots of flowers!   We started in the flower patch that was planted from seed.

Picking wildflowers that were grown from seed

Bug and Squirrel love to pick flowers!

Then we headed out to  find wild flowers that grow naturally…not the garden variety!    We walked through the avocado trees until we found an open field.  Lots of special flowers there….some easy to see and some tiny ones that weren’t as easy to notice.

Bug and Squirrel in the field

Finding the wild flowers was hard work! Lots of walking!

We found lots of the purple owl clover in the field!  Some areas are carpeted with these beautiful pink flowers.

Purple Owl Clover

Purple Owl’s Clover

Wild Lupine

Wild Lupine

There are several varieties of wild lupine in the field, from the tiniest ones that are buried in the grass to this big one!

California poppies

Fuji Mama loves California Poppies..she’s a California Girl!

California poppies grow in the garden and in the fields too!  The field poppies are smaller than the ones that grow from seed.

Resting after the long walk

When you’re tired, you’ll sit down right in the middle of the road!

It was a long day full of adventures!  First the Silly Hat Brunch at Annie’s Cafe,  then the exciting Egg Hunt with avocados,  and finally our great hike to pick flowers.   Squirrel and Bug  decided to rest,  right in the middle of a grove road!  That’s okay…there aren’t any cars on those roads!  Just interesting things like avocado leaves,  ants, and pebbles…

Happy Spring!

Bug and Squirrel picking flowers...and sticks

Stay tuned for further adventures of Fuji Mama and Mimi Avocado….

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