Say “Avocado”! Say “Cottage Cheese!” An Avocado Bunny Breakfast and Photo Shoot

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As you know,  Rachael of La Fuji Mama and I have been sharing our  avocado adventures lately.   After all the fun last week,  the Avocado Sisters  scheduled a morning to actually do some avocado “work”.    Rachael is a wonderful photographer and offered to help us with product photos for our California Avocado gift box and monthly subscription business.   You have visited the website for California Avocados Direct, haven’t you?  This is the place where we are able to share the special avocados that we grow here at the ranch, sending boxes all over the United States.  In fact, some of our most loyal customers are in Alaska and Maine!

Before we could get started on the photography assignment,  we both needed some breakfast.    I wanted to share the experience of making rabbits with cottage cheese and avocado “bunny ears” with Fuji Mama…. and we had waaaay too much fun with our fruit!

cottage cheese and avocado bunny

This is "Cabot". He's made of cottage cheese and avocado, with blueberries and cantaloupe!


bunny made of cottage cheese and avocado with blueberries and cantaloupe

Introducing "Fuji Bunny"!

We finally met with Farmer Ben to set up our avocado products to photograph.   Ben helped us build a simple backdrop and Rachael set up  a workstation for  the product photos.   We worked together to make up the various gift boxes.   While we were working, a giant swarm of bees came through the  yard!  It’s the time of year when new queens leave the hive, so the bees will swarm when their home is disrupted.   I should have taken a photo to show you, but we were too engrossed in the project!

Rachael’s  photographs are going to be wonderful!  Avocados with seasoning,  salsa, avocado oil, avocado honey!  We even have some avocado hand lotion and soap products coming up!  We had a wonderful time styling the various sizes of fruit and getting just the right shots!

La Fujimama styles the avocado products

Styling avocado gift boxes for photographs

Rachael grew up in an area of California that has been known for citrus and avocado production for many years.  She loves fresh California produce and wants to help preserve  the rich agricultural heritage of California.    We share a passion for avocados, so spending the day working on avocado photography wasn’t really “work” at all!    We even came up with new ideas for more avocado adventures! There’s more work fun to come!

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