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Peachy Sunrise Punch


orange-peach-raspberry drink

I am in love with this glass of peachy orange goodness.  And that splash of red on top?  It’s raspberry puree!  No need to add alcohol to this refreshing summer thirst-quencer.  Want to feel like you’ve spent a week at a spa?  Make this punch and invite some friends over for a Play Day!

During the past month I have had more free time as  my church choir is on their summer break and only a few piano students are coming for  lessons during school vacation.   I was remembering the days when our kids would have friends come for a play day,  and the moms would end up visiting too.   One day I was chatting with a food blogger friend who is also a  mom whose kids are grown up, and mentioned that maybe WE should have a play day just for us.  The very idea of a day OFF made us both positively giddy!  We set a date and mentioned it to a few more gals that we both knew.  Each of us marked our calendar, reserving  an entire day just to spend together for no reason but fun and laughter!   Why didn’t we think of this before?


Everyone arrived mid-morning, having driven two hours from Los Angeles.   The first thing we did was take a long hike through the avocado groves,  stopping to notice the baby avocados growing,  fruit that had fallen on the ground,  and the beautiful new red and rust colored leaves appearing at the tops of the trees.

red leavesI had already decided that I would not spend the day taking photos and documenting everything we did.  After all, this was a Play Day,  not a work day!   As I’m writing, I’m finding photos taken at different times to tell this story.  I must admit, I wasn’t even going to write about our day,  but now I want to share how special it was,  and plan more days to enjoy with friends.  Thankfully,  my friend Nancy took a photo of our lunch,  a salad made of fresh greens and shredded carrots, with  sliced avocado,  sliced burgundy pepper tri-tip roast, and cold shrimp on top,  dressed with Champagne Pear Dressing from Trader Joe’s.   (I actually heard one of the gals say she wanted to drink that dressing with a straw! It’s that good!)

It was utter luxury to dawdle over a leisurely lunch,  letting the conversation ebb and flow,  punctuated by belly laughs and collective sighs.  Each one of us are connected because we write food blogs,  but each of us has life experiences to share that put our present lives into perspective.  For the rest of the afternoon we lost track of time, just enjoying a warm pool and each other.  None of us wanted the day to end, but that drive back to Los Angeles could not be denied.  We vowed that next time our retreat would include an over-night.

By the next morning I was wishing we could do it all again.  When I opened the fridge for breakfast I found a jar of homemade peach vanilla jam with bourbon that Nancy made and brought to to our Play Day.  So I made biscuits, and  savored that  peach jam along with the happy memories.

peach vanilla jam

Right now I just have to say how grateful I am for that day.  We all need to take a day off to just be friends, to just play, to share laughs,  to share good food,  and to make happy memories.

sunflower in morning

Early in the morning a sunflower turns it’s face to the light and every detail of the flower is clear to see.

afternoon sunflower

The same sunflower appears to be translucent in the late afternoon as the setting sun shines it’s light  through the petals.

I’m so glad we took a whole day off.  Can’t wait to do it again.

Peachy Sunrise Punch

My friend Nancy brought the ingredients for this punch to our Play Day, and told us she learned to make it from another mutual friend Todd, who found it at the Zinc Cafe. I found the rest of Nancy's ingredients in my fridge and have been enjoying this refreshing beverage as a special memory of our day!
Course beverage
Cuisine American
Prep Time 3 minutes
Total Time 3 minutes
Servings 1 glass
Author Mimi Holtz


  • 1/2 cup orange juice
  • 1/2 cup peach nectar
  • 2 tablespoons raspberry puree


  • Mix the juices in a tall glass.
  • Add ice cubes.
  • Spoon the peach puree on top.
  • Watch it drop to the bottom of the glass.
  • So pretty!
  • Sip slowly.

pinterest peachy punch

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