avocado ranch views

Photo by Matt Armendariz

Welcome to Mimi Avocado.  Delighted to have you join me here at the ranch!
Let’s take a walk through the grove, or spend some time in the kitchen.  
I’m sharing my recipes and stories, and I hope to hear from you too!   


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  1. Glad to have discovered this site. I seem to have avocado trees on the brain and have recently planted a Reed, Fuerte, Bacon, Hass and a happy tree from a seed. The seed may have been a Hass. My question is this: The tree from the seed is in a very good and roomy place in my garden. If you’re pretty sure it won’t fruit I’ll move another into its prime location. I’ve heard mixed thoughts as to whether trees from seeds will fruit. Can you go into more detail about what you know? Thanks!

    • Hi Bea,
      Avocado trees that we buy from a nursery are started on “root stock”, and the variety of avocado that we want is grafted onto the root stock tree. New avocado trees are usually grown on root stocks that are more tolerant to salts, since water is saltier now than it used to be. Older trees were grown on root stocks that were developed many years ago. When we grow an avocado from a seed, you will get the variety that the original tree was grown from, the original root stock. It’s almost impossible to know what that was. It takes a long time for the tree to grow and bear fruit …several years at least…so it’s not a very good idea to plant a tree grown from seed if you really want fruit. Better to buy a tree that has been grown in a nursery and is identified as a variety that produces the fruit you want. Some varieties are in season during winter (Fuerte) and some during summer (Reed) and some have longer seasons (Hass). You could keep that seed-grown tree for a pet, give it a name, spend lots of money on water and fertilizer, and you may or may not get fruit.

  2. Mimi, do you ship Fuerte Avocados to Arizona? I use to live in San Diego County and LOVE Fuerte Avocados. When I got married, 47 years ago, my husband owned property in Arizona, so we moved to Arizona. I would really love to order some Fuerte Avocados from you.

  3. Hello! I was wondering if anyone has a reed wood scion? I’m willing to purchase, I have one reed avacado and would love to keep it a reed.

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