Avocado Festival and Guacamole 009


wind chimes

Need some Avocado Wind Chimes?

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  1. Would like to purchase your Avocado wind chimes. I live in Pauma Valley, need them for my wifes birthday. Thankyou Gregg

    • I’m sorry, I don’t sell them and don’t even own a set or I’d let you have them! Someone at the Avocado Festival was selling them. You might be able to find out from Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce … so sorry!

  2. Thankyou , went to Fallbrook today , Chamber of Commerce is in the process of moving, found something else to buy her. Again thankyou for your help! Gregg

    • Glad you found something…I was tempted to suggest jewelry! Take a look at Etsy.com and do a search for “Avocado” if you like handmade avocado things. I bought a very nice avocado pendant there for $22. There are lots of cute avocado things! My daughter told me they were selling avocado wind chimes at the Palomar College pottery sale this week, but by the time she told me, it would have been too late to get over there. Happy Birthday to your wife!

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