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New Avocado Variety for Parties and Weddings




Special Announcement:  A new avocado variety has been developed that will revolutionize the avocado industry.  Event planners everywhere are excited to offer color-coodinated avocados for conventions,  weddings, and special events.  Imagine offering  hot pink guacamole, or turquoise avocados instead of the traditional (and boring) green avocados.

“The amazing avocado has just become even more amazing!” gushed Joan DeLeezer, who represents worldwide avocado growers.  “We expect that multi-colored avocados will replace eggs in traditional Easter hunts in years to come.”

Other fruits and vegetables are expected to jump on the bandwagon with their own color variations in the near future.  For example, blueberries will be available in orange,  this year’s trendiest color.

When asked to comment,  Mimi Avocado had just two words to say:  “April Fool!”


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