Grilled Cheddar, Turkey, and Avocado Sandwich


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Some nights  I just don’t feel like cooking dinner.  We’ve been eating plenty of vegetables and salads all week.  We’ve avoided breads, sweets, and our favorite wine.  It’s time for a splurge.  How about a grilled cheese sandwich…adding turkey and avocado!

cheddar-avocadoBring out the cheddar.  Peel a nice ripe avocado.  Melt some butter in a skillet and add two slices of bread. Top the bread with a thin slice of cheddar and a slice of turkey.  When the bread is browned and the cheddar begins to melt, remove the bread from the skillet with a spatula. Add another thin slice of cheddar on top of the turkey.

open-sandwichesMelt some more butter in the skillet,  put another slice of bread on top of each sandwich,  turn the sandwiches upside down so that the fresh slice of bread is grilled in the butter.


When the bread is toasted on both sides, carefully pull the sandwich apart and add some sliced avocados.  Put the sandwich back together.

Grilled -Avocado-Turkey-Chedda-rSandwich


Grilled cheddar sandwiches are really good.  Add some turkey and they’re better.  Add avocado and you have a really gourmet sandwich.   Grilled cheddar, turkey, and avocado sandwich: it’s worth the splurge.




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