Sunny Day on the Ranch…in February!


sunny spring day

Baby trees on a sunny spring day

It’s a perfect spring day on the ranch!  Nothing scheduled today, except projects around the house.    By midafternoon, I’m ready to get outside and walk.   Enjoy the beautiful views on such a pretty day!   The baby avocado trees planted last year are getting bigger!   They’re even beginning to put out buds for the spring bloom!

budding avocados

Have you ever seen avocado trees? See the buds that will soon be flowers!

Many of the trees are beginning to bud for the bloom, but some of the trees are already blooming!  When you get close to the tree you can hear the bees buzzing in the flowers.    We are happy to have lots of bees in the area so they can do their important job:  pollination!  Sometimes the pollen causes allergies…there are so many trees on the ranch, and the farmers have to be outside most of the day.   When the pollen is especially high,  we use avocado honey…just take a tablespoon of avocado honey every day and the allergies aren’t as bad!  (Avocado honey is a dark, flavorful  honey produced from bee hives that have been pollinating avocado trees.)

avocado tree in bloom

An Avocado Tree in Bloom!

It’s fun to walk around and check the avocados that have been growing for a whole year.  They are sizing up now for harvest.  While the trees bloom and set new little baby avocados,  the crop for this year is still growing.   Here’s a beautiful sight!

new crop of avocados

Our new crop of Hass avocados are almost ready to pick!

Would you like to see more of the ranch?  I’ll be posting again with photos of the avocado flowers in detail.   Coming soon:  A rainy day walk through the grove!

Want to try Avocado Honey?  Some of our gift boxes of avocados also include Avocado Honey!  Check  it out:  California Avocados Direct

Here are some of the wildflowers I planted last year from seed.  They look beautiful with the avocado groves nearby!


These are some of the wildflowers I planted from seed last year!

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