The Art of Avocado

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I just love beautiful photos of food.   More than that,  I’m especially in  love with  original handmade  art that represents avocados.    If you haven’t discovered the website “They Draw and Cook”,  you are about to be amazed and delighted!  They even have a book published of their gorgeous artistic expressions with delicious food how-to.   Have an ingredient you want to use?   There’s a search function on their site!   I wanted to show you a few of their exciting designs…and invite you to visit them.  If you love their art as much as I do,  sign up for an e-mail subscription.  It’s free!


Fig and Avocado Salsa


It’s so exciting to see the different recipes that are chosen by artists all over the world.   The contrasts  in style and taste is fun!


Avocado Shake


Don’t you just love the creativity of these talented folks?  Just seeing these drawings is like taking a mini-vacation!  Imagine what each artist was thinking as they chose their colors and decided how they wanted the viewer to experience the recipe.   Is it elegant?  Is it artisan?  Is it cutesy?  Is it fun?


Super Avocado!


And now it’s your turn!   Run right over and visit They Draw and Cook!  You might decide to do your own drawing and submit it!  Or print out some of your favorite recipes from their site.  Explore more of the recipes there… such an array of choices!   Are you a teacher?  There’s  some special opportunities for you there too.

Have fun!  See you later!

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