Red-Tail Hawk in the Grove and Cocktail Avocados



I just had to share this beautiful hawk today.  I spied him perched on this stake out in the grove near the house.  We sometimes need to put up stakes to support a tree.   This is the first time I have seen a large hawk this close to the house.   They soar above the grove every day,  hunting for rodents, rabbits and even snakes.

As I watched from the sliding-glass door,  he moved his wings…stretching out to reveal the beautiful colors of his magnificent feathers!

Red Tail Hawk in our avocado grove

Such a beautiful bird!

Did you notice the avocados hanging in the trees?  Those are the new crop,  the ones that blossomed last March and April…the same baby avocados that I showed you last May and June.   They are still sizing up and maturing now.  The oil content isn’t high enough for them to be edible.  If we pick them now,  they won’t soften…they’ll just be rubbery.    We have to wait until the State of California certifies that the size and variety of avocado has passed the oil content standard before we can pick them.  This happens in December every year.   Even then, we may decide to wait for the avocados to get larger and for the oil content to develop further,  to get the peak flavor and consistency that make California avocados so delicious.   These are Hass variety, so we probably won’t start picking them until March or April 2013.

The Fuerte avocados are almost ready to pick!  Want to know more about them?  Check out “Do You Know Fuerte Avocados?”    I think Fuerte avocados are my most favorite variety…the flavor is so nutty and fresh!   We’ll begin shipping subscriptions and gift boxes very soon…just a few weeks from now at California Avocados Direct,   so be sure to check back!

Fuerte Avocados

See that cute little one that’s shaped like a hot dog? That’s called a “Cocktail Avocado”…for some reason he didn’t grow the way the others did…but he is special and will be delicious to eat!

I was walking in the grove the other day and found these beautiful Fuerte avocados!   Have you ever seen a “cocktail avocado”?  They are avocados that didn’t grow properly, so they come out shaped like a little hot dog!   Aren’t they fun?  When our children were small,  they would use them like crayons to draw pictures on the concrete driveway.   “Dad, do we have any cocktails?”…but they didn’t mean beverages!



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