Holiday Salads with Fuerte Avocados: Red and Green!


first Fuerte avocado of the season

It’s Fuerte season!

The first avocados of the new season are here!  On our avocado ranch,  this means Fuerte avocados!   The new crop is just mature enough to soften  gradually…10 days to 2 weeks after it’s picked.   The characteristic nutty flavor will develop over the coming weeks as the oil content increases with maturity.    The fruit is less mature now,  so it has a very fresh, green flavor.  We tried the first ripe one the other day in a salad.

Fuerte avocado salad

The skin of the Fuerte avocado is thinner than Hass.

I was lucky enough to receive a box of Baby Beets from Melissa’s Produce at our food bloggers’ luncheon last week.  I happen to love baby beets…and the rich red color would look festive with the beautiful green Fuerte avocado.

baby beets with Fuerte avocados

Baby Beets and Fuerte Avocados on artisan red lettuce with blue cheese crumbles

See what I mean?  So pretty…holiday colors!  I like to put out a selection of dressings so that each person can add their own.

blackberry Fuerte avocado salad

Use blackberries on the same salad for folks who aren’t beet fans

We have a few people in the family who don’t enjoy beets, so I put blackberries on their salad.

Fuerte avocado early in the season

What would you do with the first Fuerte of the season?

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