Fallbrook Avocado Festival: It’s All About Shopping and Eating!


Avocado Festival Fallbrook poster

This morning I decided to drive up to Fallbrook and check out the 2012 Avocado Festival.    Last year we had a booth to introduce California Avocados Direct, but this year I wanted to  soak up the festivities as a visitor.   I parked at a beautiful new school with one of the most amazing views in the area.  A shuttle bus was waiting and delivered me directly to one end of the street where the festival was already in full swing by 11:30 am. The Fallbrook  Avocado Festival  attracts 60,000 people or more on a Sunday in April each year.   Large family groups,  older couples,  people with strollers and dogs on leashes…it was hard to navigate the street at times, even on foot!

Avocado Festival 2012

Crowds made it difficult to get close to some of the booths

The festival area covered about 4 large blocks of the city…quite a distance…and I walked the entire area three times!   In addition to the food and merchandise booths,   some of the local shops and galleries were also open.    There was a wonderful Avocado Art exhibition too!

Avocado Art Show

Beautiful and creative avocado art in this show!

There were some really nice paintings, sculptures and other art items in the show.   The ones I liked the most were not for sale.

California Avocado Commission's Dave Cruz

Dave Cruz of the California Avocado Commission

The California Avocado Commission had lines of folks waiting to pick up the free magnets, avocado slicers, recipe brochures and stickers.   I had a chance to say hello to staffer Dave Cruz.

Fried Avocado

Fried Avocado from The Wayside Cafe in Fallbrook, California

I stopped for lunch at The Wayside Cafe, relieved to sit down and have a bite to eat!  The fried avocado was available with ranch dressing or powdered sugar…so I asked to try them both!

Wayside Wrap with Tuna, Avocado, Fresh Greens and Tomato

Wayside Wrap with tuna, avocado, fresh greens and tomato


The Wayside Cafe is a very cute and funky restaurant with friendly people and delicious food made with the freshest ingredients.    I’ll be going back to try  more of their menu items!  Today I  bought an Avocado Brownie, frosted with avocado creme:  avocado, powdered sugar and cream.  I delivered it to Dave back at the California Avocado Commission booth.  Bon Appetit, Dave!

brownie with avocado creme

Avocado Brownie, frosted with avocado creme


Guacamole and chips were available all along the route of the festival, as well as more unusual items like avocado ice cream, avocado milk shakes, avocado gelato and even avocado fudge!

Avocado Fudge Shop

This candy shop was selling avocado fudge!

One of the newest exhibitors this year was selling handmade furniture made from avocado wood.   This table was made from a 40 year old avocado tree! Check out Woodwaves Inc. in Murrieta, Ca.

table made of avocado wood

Love this table made of 40 year old avocado wood!

I brought home some more treasures too:  a beautiful antique Franciscan plate from “The Broken Chair” shop,  a bathing suit cover-up,   and a really fun rustic sign by Julio Wahl Weathered Signs in Thousand Oaks, Ca.     I even found a nice ceramic hen (yes a huge chicken to carry around all afternoon!) in a very nice shop called “A Few Of Our Favorite Things“.   The day at the Avocado Festival in Fallbrook  was a winner!   Lots of exercise,  good food,  great shopping!

Garden signs


wind chimes

Need some Avocado Wind Chimes?

ceramic hen

My ceramic chicken made it safely home to the kitchen!

Fallbrook, California is a beautiful place to visit any time of year.   The name “Avocado Capital of the World” might be an exaggeration, but their other name “The Friendly Village”  is definitely true!  If you don’t like crowds,  find another time to visit Fallbrook,  as several of the shops and restaurants carry avocado items all the time.    If you want delicious premium  fresh avocados and can’t come to Southern California,  be sure to visit California Avocados Direct for a monthly subscription to our family farm-grown fruit!

avocados from CaliforniaAvocadosDirect.com

8 Big and Tall Avocados from California Avocados Direct



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