The Secret for Saving Half of an Avocado



When I make avocado toast for breakfast,  I can usually fit half of a large avocado on one large slice of sourdough bread.  It takes a little engineering and a little artistry to arrange those slices perfectly on the bread.   I’ll  admit that it’s easier to eat if you mash it up a little because the avocado sticks to the bread much better.   Those slices just look so pretty on top of the toast.  Add a little fruit and you have a picture-perfect avocado toast.

What about the other half of the large avocado?  What happens to it?  In our house,  half of an avocado is always in demand, so we rarely have any leftovers.   It must be a problem for other people though, because I’ve seen several different kinds of “avocado holders” for sale in kitchen stores.  Really?  People think they need to buy something to store their leftover avocado half?

Today I’m going to share a deep dark secret with you.   Are you ready?   (leaning in to whisper in your ear)   It’s okay to leave the  seed (or pit as we like to call it)  in the 2nd half of the avocado and just leave it out on the kitchen counter.   Overnight.   (Okay this is where I admit that I sometimes have a piece of avocado toast for an evening snack.  So there might be half of  an avocado available in our house after all.)


Oh sure, the avocado will darken when it’s exposed to the air.  You can wrap it tightly with plastic wrap if you want to try to keep it from darkening…but it’s completely unnecessary.

avocado-fresh-under-pitWhen I remove the  pit the next morning,  I can see that the fruit is perfectly beautiful under the seed.  Hmmm.  Looks good enough to eat!


Slice off a  very thin piece of the avocado (just enough to take away the brown part) and voila!  Fresh, perfect, amazing California avocado!  It’s like when we clapped to bring Tinker Bell back to life!


See,  when I turn the thin brown piece of avocado over, it looks just as nice as any avocado should appear! (Nevertheless, I discard that thin slice.)

Who would know that the avocado  sat on the kitchen counter all night?  Or all day?   And who would care?    The flavor is wonderful because it hasn’t been stashed in the refrigerator.  (I really prefer mine at room temperature, don’t you?)


So there you have it.  Perfect slices…just peel away the skin and make yourself a piece of toast.  Or a burger.  Or a nice salad.

If you’re one of those people who always buys little bitty avocados because you can eat the whole thing by yourself,   I hope you will no longer be afraid to get those spectacular large avos that are available from California  growers during peak season…now!

If you wish you could get them where you live,  just visit the website for our family farm and order a box!  If you’d rather order by phone,  give us a call at 844-286-7447…chances are that Mimi Avocado will even answer your call herself!



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