Fuerte avocados with smoked salmon and eggs on an English muffin

Fuerte Avocados – Festive Holiday Slices


avocado with smoked salmon and scrambled egg

It’s that time of year when Fuerte avocados are perfectly ripe and full of flavor.  Pear-shaped with a thinner skin than Hass avocados,   Fuertes have a unique nutty flavor,  and if you have enjoyed a Fuerte avocado you are nodding your head right now.

peeling a Fuerte avocadoWhen a Fuerte is perfectly ripe,  you can peel the skin off of the flesh, leaving a perfect naked avocado that is ready for slicing.   I rarely make guacamole from Fuerte avocados because then are just so special all by themselves.

Fuerte avocados and smoked salmon

My cousin sent us some amazing smoked salmon for Christmas,  so I paired it  with Fuerte avocado and scrambled eggs for a special brunch.
So easy to do:  top an English muffin with some fluffy scrambled egg,  add some thinly sliced smoked salmon,  chopped scallions, and sliced avocado.  Just a little salt and pepper on top.  If you run out of eggs and muffins,  just take a bite of salmon with a bite of avocado!  Heaven!

Fuerte avocado

Fuerte avocado gift box

California Avocados Direct gift box of Fuerte avocados can be shipped anywhere in the USA

Fuerte is sometimes called the original California avocado because it was one of the most common avocado trees grown in California.   Many people who grew up in Southern California have memories of an avocado tree in the backyard, and often they are remembering Fuerte avocados.  Because Fuertes have thinner skins and are only available for the winter months  they are rarely found in grocery stores because they do not ship well.  The best way to find Fuerte avocados is at Farmers’ Markets or order direct from a farmer like California Avocados Direct,  the mail order service that ships the avocados we grow on our ranch.

Every year I make a Mixed Bean Soup around New Year’s time. There’s nothing better than a few slices of Fuerte avocado on top of a hearty bowl of soup!

Fuerte avocado on soup

Fuertes have  such a beautiful curved shape – use your creativity on salads, sandwiches,  omelets, and yes — avocado toast!

Mimi Avocado Christmas

Waiting patiently for my grandson to visit on New Year’s Eve!

The holiday season is winding down,  and as you probably know,  December is always a busy time for me as I am the music director for a church as well as a community chorus.

Glenaires and St. Tim's Choir

The Glenaires Chorale of La Costa Glen Retirement Community in Encinitas, CA. and St. Timothy’s Choir of Escondido, CA.

In between concerts I baked cookies and did a little decorating,  but the highlight of this year’s holiday season were the visits from our 7 month old grandson.   As our children have moved forward in their lives, we have learned to be flexible in  our family holiday traditions each year.  Now that we have a new generation in the family,  we want  begin making a family ornament each year when the family gets together.

2016 family homemade ornament

We sewed and stuffed little felt pillows, then decorated them with buttons and charms.

Things didn’t go exactly as we planned this year,  so I helped our youngest daughter Rachel make  2016 ornaments.   We hope that in future years this will become an activity the family can do together. Our ornament this year reminds us of the fascination that our baby grandson has with buttons on Grandpa’s shirt,  and the love that is the center of our extended family.

Wishing all of you a Happy New Year full of health and happy times!  And plenty of tasty avocados!


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