popovers hot from the oven

April 27, 2020
by Mimi Holtz



On A Quest for Giant Popovers

Do you love popovers as much as I do?  Piping hot from the oven,  crispy on the outside and hollow on the inside…ready to melt the perfect pat of butter.  Large enough to stuff with yummy fillings. Popovers that create tasty memories.  I was craving popovers, so I started reading recipes, trying them out, and serving a new trial to my family every afternoon.  We all became obsessed with achieving the perfect popover.

Recipes and Tips

During the past week  I made popovers almost every day,  trying a  total of seven recipes before we all agreed that we were experiencing the perfect batch of popovers. Continue Reading →

April 19, 2020
by Mimi Holtz

How to Peel Garlic Cloves Easily


Peeled garlic

The Easy Way to Peel Garlic

I used to try to peel garlic cloves with a paring knife.  It was frustrating and I’d lose much of the garlic.  Today for #NationalGarlic Day  I’m sharing the way to peel garlic cloves without touching them with a knife!  Easy and fun!

Mason Jar with Lid for peeling garlic

You Need a Mason Jar with a Lid

The jar that I use is a plastic one, but you can use a glass Mason jar or any clean empty jar with a lid.  Separate the garlic cloves and place them into the jar. Continue Reading →

Cabbage and Bacon

April 15, 2020
by Mimi Holtz

Cabbage and Bacon: A Comfort Food

Cabbage and Bacon

Looking for a new comfort food that’s full of vegetables?  Cabbage and Bacon is here!  I must admit that we rarely eat cabbage, outside of cole slaw or the traditional corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day.  I know some folks use cabbage soup to lose weight, or put a little red cabbage into their salads.

fresh cabbage


We’ve been sending out Variety Boxes of fruits and veggies to folks who are staying home during the corona virus quarantine, and some who can’t leave their homes to shop.  One of those folks asked if we could send some cabbage. Continue Reading →

April 10, 2020
by Mimi Holtz

How To Freeze Avocados

Mashed avocado

Photo by Sue Burns

Too Many Ripe Avocados?

Sometimes the avocados are all ripe at the same time.  What do you do with all those yummy avocados?  Make a huge batch of guacamole and eat it all yourself?  (Not a bad idea)  One option is to mash and freeze the fruit.  My friend Sue Burns, whose blog is called “It’s Okay to Eat the Cupcake” has tips for you and graciously allowed me to share her photos!

Mashing avocado

Photo by Sue Burns

Mash and Freeze!

Here are Sue’s tips: “When a bunch of your California Avocados ripen at once…mash ‘em up (a potato masher works great) Continue Reading →

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