April 22, 2012
by Mimi Holtz

Every Day is Earth Day in the Avocado Grove

We see hawks all the time here on the ranch…flying by…soaring on the wind…but rarely sitting low to the ground.  We saw this fellow this afternoon near our house.   Sitting  there in the Cotoneaster bushes,  we worried that he might … Continue reading

April 13, 2012
by Mimi Holtz

Using a Camera as Workout Equipment: Discovering a Way to Find Joy in Exercising

I know I am not alone when it comes to the lack of exercise.    Once we have a job and children to raise, our time and energy are limited.   We are constantly bombarded with messages about the need … Continue reading

March 2, 2012
by Mimi Holtz

Hummingbird Happy Hour

We have a lot of hummingbirds this time of year.  I don’t know if they’re migrating or if they spend their winters nearby.   Some of them even nest in our avocado trees.   They seem to know that they will be … Continue reading

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