Every Day is Earth Day in the Avocado Grove



A Red-Tailed Hawk

We see hawks all the time here on the ranch…flying by…soaring on the wind…but rarely sitting low to the ground.  We saw this fellow this afternoon near our house.   Sitting  there in the Cotoneaster bushes,  we worried that he might be sick.   Maybe he’s just young and doesn’t know he should be high up in a tree or keeping watch from the top of a telephone pole.    He finally flew away, and we are richer for having the opportunity to  see him up close.

Avocado grove with older trees and younger trees

Older trees create a dark forest while the smaller, younger trees are in the light

Avocado groves provide shelter for so many creatures!  I love to  look for animal tracks after a rain.  We often see the prints of coyotes, racoons, opossum,  and sometimes bobcat.  There used to be deer in this area when the land was first planted in the early 70’s, but I have seen only one in the 30 years that I have lived here with The Farmer.

animal track

Who made this foot print?


There are many creatures that make their home in the grove:  rabbits and squirrels,

squirrel at this avocado

Squirrels love to eat avocados!

moles and voles,

mole tunnel

A mole or vole made this tunnel

snakes, lizards and snails,  bees, spiders and bugs,  mice and rats,

eaten avocado

What animal was eating this avocado?

birds of all size and color!  We even have a pair of mallard ducks who return every year.

mallard ducks

A pair of mallard ducks


Even grasshoppers are interesting to watch!

Today is Earth Day,  inspiring celebrations all over the nation.  Thousands of people gathered today in San Diego’s Balboa Park to see exhibits of earth-friendly products,  participate in activities for the children and consider ways to make life more green.   At the same time,  real farmers were working their land.   The Farmer (my husband) wasn’t available to go anywhere this afternoon, but stayed home to irrigate the grove and do chores to get ready for the week ahead.  As I drove past  farms and groves this afternoon, I could see other farmers on their tractors, or working in their fields.  Yes, even on a Sunday afternoon…and especially at this time of year.  It’s springtime and there’s plenty to do!  On a farm, it’s Earth Day every day!


Farmland near our avocado ranch produces commercial flowers


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