Happy Memories are the Greatest Gifts Part 3: Finding New Favorite Restaurants


San Diego Bay

Beautiful San Diego Bay

We spent our 30th wedding anniversary weekend in San Diego, only about an hour from home.   Two of the restaurants we visited are now on our list of favorites.

Our first experience at  El Agave  in Old Town was in October  with our brother-in-law Greg Schumacher.  Even though he’s from Boston, he had eaten there on a business trip and invited us to go while he was visiting the ranch.  He lured us to lunch with the promise of over 2000 tequila bottles on display.  We enjoyed the creative and delicious enchiladas!  I had the Enchiladas Mariscos.  Greg tried duck enchiladas!

enchiladas at El Agave

El Agave in Old Town San Diego offers a creative spin on Mexican favorites

We returned to El Agave on our anniversary trip and we’ll be going back often from now on!

El Agave in Old Town

Tortilla chips with baked-on cheese and selection of dips


A few months ago I attended a memorial service for a dear friend who played in the Coastal Communities Concert Band,  Frank Nelson.  Frank was a friend of  Chef Deborah Scott’s Island Prime restaurant, and Chef Deborah hosted the memorial at her restaurant.  I was so impressed with the beautiful location on the bay,  the warm hospitality, and especially the amazing  food!   We chose to eat in the bistro area of the restaurant called “C Level” on the last afternoon of our weekend.


C Level Restaurant in San Diego

C Level Restaurant on San Diego Bay

What a view!  Plenty of seating both inside and outside.  We had no trouble getting a table, even though they don’t take reservations.  Jessie, our server, was extra-friendly and we completely enjoyed our last afternoon  in San Diego at C Level restaurant.

Bloody Mary and Sangria at C Level

C Level's Sangria and Bloody Mary

Have you ever ordered a drink and had it served with a fork and plate?  Try a Bloody Mary at C Level!

Bloody Mary at C Level

Crab claw and prawn are standard ingrediants in C Level's Bloody Mary

The drinks were spectacular,  but our sandwiches were beyond our wildest expectations!  Here is what we saw on the menu:

             lobster & fontina blt sandwich $18
             on jalapeno cheddar sourdough with sherried lobster bisque
 This is the deliciousness that  was served:
Lobster and Fontina BLT Sandwich

Lobster and Fontina BLT Sandwich at C Level

I ate the lobster bisque first and was eyeing the cup of soup on my husband’s plate…but he picked up his lobster BLT and DIPPED it into his soup.

I have no more words.

Just go to C Level.  And take me with you.


The complimentary dessert?   Oh yes, they served us a complimentary dessert for our anniversary:   Huckleberry Apple Crisp with Vanilla Ice Cream and Caramel Sauce.

Huckleberry Apple Crisp

Could anything be more perfect?


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