Adventures of the Avocado Sisters: Egg Hunt in an Avocado Grove! (Part 2)


Avocado Eggs for Easter

The Easter Bunny brought Avocados!

Who are the Avocado Sisters?  If you’ve been following the story,  you’ll remember Rachael of La Fuji Mama.  She and I came up with the perfect partnership for adventure:  The Avocado Sisters! Last winter we took an exciting walk in the grove on a rainy day.   This is the 2nd part of our Spring avocado adventure:

After our delicious breakfast at Annie’s Cafe in Lake ElsinoreFuji Mama and I  decided to drive back to the avocado ranch to have some more fun.   The girls wanted to go flower-picking, and we promised that we would pick some flowers. Bug and Squirrel had been to the ranch once before, and they remembered the music studio with the piano, drum and other instruments.  While they were singing and playing in the house,  I slipped outside to set up the bunny and egg hunt.  Bug came to the glass door, saw the scene and said, “How did you DO that?”  Then,  “Uh Oh! Avocado!”

finding eggs and avocados

Eggs !

The girls found the baskets and went to work.  After all the plastic eggs were picked up, they noticed the giant green eggs too!

egg hunt

Those giant green eggs didn’t fit into the baskets very well.  Bug could see that there were lots of them up in the trees too!

avocado easter eggs

Bug figured out what to do and collected a big basket full of eggs!

Bug Picks Up Eggs

Squirrel had no trouble filling her basket with colored eggs  as well as the huge basket of avocados.

Squirrel's Easter Basket

Fresh avocados are hard.   When they are first picked, they need about a week or more to soften before they can be eaten.   As long as  they’re handled gently in the soft grass,  there’s no reason at all not to have some fun with these giant green eggs!  After the fun, we packed them into a carton for the girls to deliver to friends and family, just like the Easter Bunny!  If you would like the Bunny to bring you some Fresh Green Avocados,  click HERE!

Next:  We pick flowers!  (to be continued)

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