Last Day of Winter: Snow on the Mountains!

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March Snow

Snow on March 19th!

After a big winter storm,  we can often see snow in the local mountains.  This year it’s unusual to see the snow in mid-March while the avocado trees are blooming!  We had a blustery weekend with some wind and rain.   Now the clouds are moving eastward and the sun is creating some beautiful light on the hillsides.


tall tree

Avocados in the tops of tall trees can fall off in the wind!

During the heaviest wind,  farmers worry that the avocados will fall to the ground.   Can you see the avocados in the top of this tall tree?   If the tree is healthy,  those avocados can hang on during a storm and come through just fine.    Some years we have lots of windfall during storms,  but this last storm didn’t do much damage.



This poor little avocado wasn’t very lucky.  He was blown off the tree and landed on the ground.  See how long the stem is?  When we pick the avocados,  we cut that stem and then trim it off,  flush with the fruit.   This avocado must have swung around in the wind for a long time before finally letting go!

smashed avocado



This avocado was even more unlucky!  He smashed when he hit the paved road.  You can see where the stem broke off,  and the hard avocado broke open when it hit the ground.   Even the seed got skinned up!   After growing for almost a whole year,  this poor avocado is ruined.

sun after storm

Wind is blowing the clouds from the west

Looking west is beautiful today! The ocean breezes are blowing the storm clouds through toward the mountains.

clouds to the east

Storm clouds moving east

Storm clouds gather up against the mountains, and the rain turns to snow on the tops of those mountains!  Beautiful to see from our vantage point!   Some families will drive up there to play in the snow while it lasts.

white camelia

White Camelia

Having grown up in Vermont and lived in the snow country for 22 years,  I prefer my snowy white Camelia that has just started blooming next to our back door.    Today is the last official day of winter!  Welcome Spring!



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