Baby Avocados Appearing…and My Healthy A-B-C Snack!


tiny baby avocado

Tiny avocados appear after the blossom falls off

Tiny baby avocados are visible in the grove!  As I took my walk this morning, I could see them:  pebble-sized avocados appearing where the blossoms used to be.  Some trees have pea-sized fruit…and some are even the size of olives!  Isn’t is amazing how those big delicious avocados we love to eat begin as tiny bumps?  Baby-Bump Avocados!

baby avocados appearing

As the blooms fall off, the avocados appear and begin to grow


The avocado trees have been blooming for weeks now.  Some are still budded, with flowers opening each day.   Others are beginning to set fruit. Some of the trees bloomed extra early, and the fruit is already large enough to look like an avocado.   As the new fruit begins to develop,  the avocados that have been growing all year are maturing.  We have started picking the largest ones, and will wait for others to size up before harvesting.

new crop of avocados is setting

These baby avocados will be ready to harvest in 2013

Walking in the grove is more than just a morning pleasure for me.   I am determined to take off some weight,  have more energy and feel better.   Taking a walk every day is helping with that.  I’m also giving up sugar, anything made with white flour, and “white” starches like rice.   The hardest part of this is when I need a snack.  It doesn’t help to see all the delicious sweet goodies on food blogs and websites like Pinterest or Facebook!   I’ve decided to share  some of my new-found healthy snacks.

Healthy Avocado-Broccoli-Cheese snack

My A-B-C Snack!

I’m keeping steamed broccoli (not overcooked!) in the fridge so I can heat it up with just a little bit of shredded cheese.   The smallest amount of cheese adds just enough salty flavor so that I don’t need to season either the broccoli or the creamy, nutty avocado.  Aren’t the colors pretty!

avocado and broccoli with cheese

Avocado and Broccoli with Cheese!

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