Pina Colada Rice for Breakfast!


Pina Colada for Breakfast

Pina Colada for Breakfast?

I’m always looking for new breakfast ideas.   Last week at the Little Italy Mercato in San Diego,  I stopped by a booth that was selling packages of gluten free health foods.   After trying some of the samples, I bought this Pina Colada  rice, think that it was a side dish.   It’s actually a warm breakfast food!


Pina Colada Rice

Pina Colada Rice

It takes about an hour to cook, with water and a little salt.  The recipe calls for honey, so I used Avocado Honey that we have on hand for our avocado gift box service.    The company who makes these products, Heartland Harvest  is based in El Cajon, near San Diego.  They offer whole grain foods and breakfast cereals in various farmers’ markets and local grocery stores.

back of the package

Lots of information on the package!

This is a very hearty dish, and the tropical flavors (coconut and pineapple) are fun!    So far no one else in the family has ventured to try it,  but I have enjoyed  it for breakfast several days.   The package makes about 5 servings and can be reheated in the microwave quickly.    I put  some of the mango that the National Mango Board sent after Camp Blogaway on top of the rice one day…yum!

It’s fun to try out something new once in a while.   Although it takes a whole hour to cook initially,  the convenience of having the leftovers to reheat was very nice.  It’s not something I want every day,  but once in a while is nice!



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