A New Staple in our Pantry: Bella Sun Luci Bruschetta


Bella Sun Luci bruschetta

A few weeks ago  I made a chicken recipe with  Bella Sun Luci Sun Dried Tomatoes from Mooney Farms,  a California farm-family business.   Mooney Farms had also sent a jar  of Bella Sun Luci Bruschetta, but we didn’t open it  until a few days ago.  The Farmer and I discovered that we were all alone  at supper time,  and there were no leftovers in the fridge.  We were both ready to have a bite to eat and a nice bottle of wine at the end of the day.   I remembered that jar of Bruschetta and looked around to see what we could serve with it.  I found  some flat bread, avocados,  a package of Roland Grilled Artichoke Hearts , some salsa and a jar of baby corn.  We were in business!  First we tasted the Bella Sun Luci Bruschetta on the flat bread all by itself.  Delish!   Ingredients include crushed tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, basil, sun dried tomatoes,  canola oil, basil, parmesan cheese, walnuts,  pinenuts, garlic puree,  herbs, spices and salt.  It’s like a mini artisan pizza!

bruschetta on flat bread

The Farmer mashed up some avocado and mixed in the salsa to make easy guacamole.   I cut up more of  the flat bread and tried various combinations of bruschetta,  avocado,  and guacamole on top of the bruschetta.

avocado and grilled artichoke heart on bruschetta

Bruschetta-topped flatbread with grilled artichoke heart and avocado


guacamole with bruschetta

Guacamole spread on flat bread with a dollop of bruschetta

It was all delicious,  and when we were finished,  The Farmer suggested that we keep a jar of that delicious bruschetta in our pantry at all times!    It would be perfect  as a sauce for  mini-pizza, spread on a sandwich  or mixed into a salad dressing.   There is no trans fat and it’s gluten free too!   If you need more ideas,  check out the Mooney Farms website for recipes!

bruschetta on flat bread with toppings

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