Mimi Avocado Wishes You a Musical Merry Christmas


Christmas vocado
It has been a busy December!

The month began with the annual Holiday Concert to benefit Meals On Wheels with the Coastal Communities Concert Band.  If you didn’t make it this year, I hope you can come next year.


Coastal Communities Concert Band

Santa conducts “Sleigh Ride” to begin the concert (photo by Bill Sims)

This year was special because our daughter was also playing in the band. We were sitting next to each other in the flute section! When I started playing with the CCCBand she was only 9 years old!

Holiday Concert CCCBand

Rachel and I play together in the flute section of the Coastal Communities Concert Band

On Tuesdays during the year I meet with a wonderful choral group at La Costa Glen retirement community called “The Glenaires”.   We performed a special holiday program on Dec. 8th this year with a wonderful audience!

Glenaires chorale

The Glenaires performed a wonderful holiday program on Dec. 8th

Later in the month we got together again to do two shorter programs for the folks in the assisted living and skilled nursing units of La Costa Glen.

Glenaires chorale

The Glenaires brought their holiday cheer!

Meanwhile I was busy at home with piano students, who prepared Christmas carols and holiday songs to share on YouTube.  They love to share their music with family and friends!   You can enjoy their performances on my You Tube Channel here .    Sometimes we have the most fun when the whole family gets into the picture.  Here is the  “Jingle Family”  with their version of Jingle Bells!

On Christmas Eve the music continued at Church of St. Timothy, where our choir and orchestra presented a program of carols and Christmas Eve mass.  It’s always an exciting evening of music and worship with family and friends…this year was my 26th Christmas as the music director at St. Tim’s.

Church of St. Timothy

Christmas Eve at Church of St. Timothy

The choir will continue to sing their Christmas music throughout the season of Christmas, which begins on Dec. 24th and ends Jan. 16th.

Now that many of the music events are complete, I have more time for cooking and baking!   I tried some new recipes  for Christmas this year…a delicious Cauliflower Mac and Cheese  and  Chocolate  Peppermint Cheesecake Squares.  Stay tuned and I’ll share those soon!

The Fuerte avocados are ready now…December through February is prime season for Fuertes!  If you haven’t heard of this variety,  check out this post :  Do You Know Fuerte Avocados?  

I had some fun with a beautiful Fuerte after we brought in our Christmas tree.  It was hard to get that avocado to sit still for a photograph!

Fuerte Avocado

What would you do with this Fuerte avocado? I like them sliced on soup, salad, eggs or sandwiches!

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas with your family and friends!

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