Avocado Toast … Mimi Avocado Style!



It’s official.  I’m obsessed with avocado toast.  No longer can I be satisfied with mashing up some avocado, slathering it on my toast and taking a bite.   It started with Valentine’s Day when innocently used a few heart-shaped cookie cutters to make a Valentine toast for The Farmer.


Then I spent a week in Vermont visiting my mother,  where I found some really fun new cookie cutters.  The first three cookie cutters.


This was just the beginning.  St. Patrick’s Day came…and well, you may remember what I did about that.


And you guessed it….I’ve been shopping for cookie cutters again.  Home Goods, Marshalls, kitchen stores:  I’m a junkie.

Now I  have lots of inspiration…based on which avocado happens to be  ripe on a particular morning…big one? mini one? Not to mention  the activities I’m anticipating for the day.


Last weekend,   “Somebunny” (me)  needed a healthy snack.

IdesofMarchOn my dad’s birthday,  I was remembering him as I made my avocado toast to go with egg and oranges.  He loved picking oranges when he would come to visit us…bringing a few back in his pockets for breakfast after his morning walk.

perfectFuerteI start with a perfectly ripe avocado.  Then I gently pull the skin away from the avocado…leaving a beautiful bare fruit…so I can use my knife to make a perfect slice across the curved surface of the peeled avocado.

peelnotscoopIt’s always a good idea to peel your avocados anyway,  because most of the nutrients are just under the skin…and when you peel the avocado,  any bad spots will just stick to the skin.  (When you scoop,  once in a while you get a bad spot in your spoon.)


This week I was anticipating a visit with my college band director  and one of the best teachers I had as a music education major.  “Breakfast…and All That Jazz” was the result.

cutechicksToday my avocado toast became “Two Cute Chicks”….the indentation left by the avocado pit was the perfect place to put some “feathers” made of mashed avocado pieces.


One day I was frying my egg,  and the egg looked like an owl!  I kid you not, this is exactly how the egg fried…all by itself!  So I just added a little shamrock…with hearts.


Some of the cookie cutters need a really large avocado to get a piece big enough for a bunny or large shamrock.  But even the smaller avocados have potential with those cute mini-cutters that come in a set.

And speaking of different sizes, I need to tell you that Farmer Ben has been putting together some new budget-friendly avocado boxes for those of us who aren’t sending the largest, fanciest avocados for gifts.  We just want some for guacamole…or avocado toast!   The new boxes are called “Guacamole Boxes” and the price of the mini avocados is only 48 cents each!


Since you don’t have to spend time or gasoline (or bus fare) to go to the store,  the shipping cost is actually a bargain too!  It’s like having a Farmer’s Market in your mailbox!

giftboxFuerteAvocadosHead on over to CaliforniaAvocadosDirect.com and check out those new Guacamole Boxes!    They can ship anywhere in the USA with priority mail…real California avocados from the family farm.

I’m going to keep making Avocado Toast … honestly, it’s therapeutic!  Follow me on Instagram @MimiAvocado or Twitter @Mimi_Avocado  to see my daily creations.  And I hope you’ll take some artistic liberties with your avocado toast too!

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