Easily Entertained: Having Fun with Avocados and Cookie Cutters


avocados cut with cookie cutters

Keys to Good Health (get it? KEYS!)

Remember when we were told NOT to play with our food?  Ha! Just try to stop me!

This cookie cutter thing is waaay too much fun.  The great thing about Fuerte avocados is that when the skin is pulled away from the flesh,  the richest green color is right there on the outside of the fruit.   The richest nutrients are just underneath the skin, so there’s a healthy reason to peel your avocados rather than scoop them.    And since the skin peels so easily,   you can peel half an avocado instead of cutting it in quarters.

Leprechan1 and shamrock made of avocado

 If you slice off the top green part,   the shapes will be green like the keys in the first photo.  Then you can use a different cookie cutter to get this creamy color with green on the edges.

avocado slices the long way

There are so many colors you can get by slicing the avocado length-wise!


 When you have different sizes and shapes of cutters,  you can vary the colors to make something really pretty!  I’m having so much fun with this that I’ve been buying more small cookie cutters….and Easter will be here soon!

If you want to try this, I’d love to see your results!  Take a photo and share it on my Facebook page, okay?

Here’s the link to my page…https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mimi-Avocado/264293256970280?ref=hl.





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