Make Your Best Guacamole at the Big Traveling Potluck!



What would you put into fresh avocado to make an awesome guacamole?

A full bowl of fresh avocado holds amazing potential!  No one knows this better than Heidi of FoodieCrush, an online magazine that loves bloggers, their food and their photos.   Especially when she’s getting ready for some friendly competition in a  guacamole contest with fellow food bloggers from all over the USA!

Last weekend I witnessed the most foodie-centered guacamole contest I have ever seen.   Take 75 food bloggers,  add the California Avocado Commission,  put them together near Southern California avocado groves,  give them every possible ingredient,  topping and seasoning known to mankind…what do you get?   Guacamole, baby!

The occasion was the Big Traveling Potluck,  a  weekend organized by Maggy and Pam of Three Many Cooks  and Erika of Ivory Hut,  for  bloggers  to celebrate community, make connections, find inspiration and have fun.  The theme was “Invest in Yourself”… a chance to hear speakers share how they have self-invested to stay clear and focused, motivated and invigorated,    despite the fact that blogging is a solitary activity.   We learned that we aren’t just bloggers, but “digital publishers”.   We met fellow publishers  whose blogs have become books, television shows and opportunities far beyond anything they could have imagined.  We heard how some have taken an idea and expanded the possibilities to help women in  Africa change their lives for the better.  I’ll tell you more about that another day…today it’s about guacamole!


Set out an assortment of ingredients, toppings, seasonings…let your imagination run wild!

Which of these ingredients would you select for your best guacamole ever?  Melba and Kim of Out A Thyme choose what will go into their tasty creation.


Mix up a bowl of avocado awesomeness!


Give it a good taste!  Sit down and have a heart-to-heart with some friends…they’ll taste too!

You may recognize Ree  of The Pioneer Woman (top left),  or Dara  of Cookin’ Canuck (bottom right)… or Michael Procopio of Food For the Thoughtless (top right).…many  well known bloggers  digital publishers here!


Now it’s time to let the Judge taste! Gaby Dalkin of What’s Gaby Cooking  just published her Absolutely Avocados cookbook, so she is an expert!


The Guacamole Judge takes her time to reflect…(get it? REFLECT!)


And now….the winners are announced!  Gaby Dalkin with (from left) Tori of The Shiksa in the Kitchen,  Rachael of La Fuji Mama,  Allison of, Kate of Savour Fare, and  in front, Aimee of Small Eats, a brand new blog!


And if you weren’t making guacamole,  there were plenty of other ways to spend your time!


Stay tuned for more stories about The Big Traveling Potluck weekend!


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