California Avocado and Turkey Flatbread is a No-Bake Avocado Pizza!


avocado pizza

When the weather gets warm,  I try to  serve meals that don’t require heating up the kitchen.  This California Avocado and Turkey Flat Bread is a perfect snack,  lunch or colorful  appetizer for a 4th of July party!  It’s like a no-bake avocado pizza!


 Slice some cold turkey breast and use small cookie cutters to make the turkey stars.

mashed avocado

Cut open a ripe California avocado,  remove the pit,  cut into quarters and peel off the skin.

Mash the avocado flesh and spread on top of a piece of Mediterranean flat bread.   Sprinkle with your favorite seasoning.  add pickled beet slices

Dress up your “avocado and turkey pizza” with some tangy  pickled beets and herbed feta cheese!

cut the avocado pizza

Use a pizza cutter to slice wedges for serving.


I love black olives…so I added some to mine!  What a fun lunch on a hot day!

Can you think of other ways to top these fun no-bake avocado pizzas?  Stay tuned…I have a feeling we’ll be making these again!

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