Little Cakes Cupcake Kitchen: Two Time Cupcake Wars Winner!



“The Sandy
An extra moist coconut cake with coffee buttercream, toasted coconut, marshmallow ears and a chocolate covered espresso bean nose”

This cupcake is a celebrity!  None other than “The Sandy”…the dog from Annie…one of the big winners from Little Cakes Cupcake Kitchen on Cupcake Wars this fall.  Little Cakes isn’t far from our ranch, so I took a drive over there this afternoon.  It’s in Vista, Ca. just 7 miles inland from the coast, in a cute village of shops, eateries and a large movie theater.  The perfect place to stop for cupcakes.

FrontofStoreIs it hard to find?  Are you kidding?  This place is hard to miss. They have their own phone app and every day the list of fresh cupcake flavors are posted on Facebook.  It’s practically impossible not to have daily cupcake cravings.

counterThe shop feels like an old fashioned ice cream parlor or candy store.  There’s a big wooden booth and several smaller tables if you want to enjoy a fresh cupcake in the store.  I picked out four special cupcakes to take home, but I just had to have one of the chocolate cupcakes from the bargain plate….50% off.  Nope, couldn’t walk out without eating one.

MichelleThis is Michelle…the sweetest cupcake lady on the planet.  She remembered me when I walked into the shop and greeted me by name!  When you choose your cupcake, she’ll tell you all about the cake, the filling, the frosting, and she’s genuinely delighted with your choices. Love cupcake ladies like Michelle.

displayHow could you not want one of these beauties…especially when you see how intricate each one is?  I had to try the Rocky Road and the Chocolate Raspberry flavors.


One of the coolest things about visiting Little Cakes is they have the cupcake display from the Cupcake Wars show in the shop.  They created cupcakes for the Broadway show Annie, so the display looks like the sets!  It’s fun to watch Cupcake Wars, then go into the shop to see the actual winning design.

AnniedisplayThere is glass to protect the display, so my photograph shows reflections, but you get the idea.  It’s worth going to see.  The website has more information about the show, and a link to the video, so check them out here.   The first time I visited Little Cakes we were choosing flavors for my daughter-in-law’s  bridal shower.  Each of us selected our favorite…the bride, her mom and me:   Lemon Berry, Chocolate Port, Strawberries and Cream,   and Mimosa.   Love those mini-cupcakes…since they’re small we could taste more than one!


Today I selected four cupcakes,  plus the chocolate one that I ate in the shop.  So many flavors, it was difficult to decide. Michelle helped me out…describing her favorites.    The fourth one?   Banana Split! With a cherry on top!


So, who wants to meet me in Vista for a cupcake?

For the record:  Former favorite cupcake: Daddy Warbucks.  New favorite:  Rocky Road.  Hands down.

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post.  All opinions are mine.

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