Mashed White Sweet Potatoes: A New Comfort Food for Mimi Avocado


mashedwhitesweetpotatoWhen I think of sweet potato, I think of orange.  Sweet potatoes are orange, right?   Surprise!   Sweet potatoes come in a variety of colors: yellow, orange, pink, purple, cream, or white.  White!

I’ve been challenging myself to try different varieties of vegetables lately, hoping to find healthier foods to add to our meals.  Not just healthier and unusual, but comfort foods we can enjoy without guilt and actually look forward to serving.  Mashed  white-skinned sweet potatoes have achieved that status.  I bought them last week, fully expecting the flesh to be yellow or orange.  Nope..they were white.

whiteskinnedsweetI peeled them and cut them into 1/2 inch pieces.  Boiled them in water until tender…drained…mashed….added some butter.   Taste.  Not sweet like yams…not starchy like other potatoes….just a nice consistency and definitely a comfort food.  The first time I served them I added bits of left over pot roast from last week’s “Really Good Pot Roast” and a few tablespoons of leftover creamy cheddar cheese sauce.   The Farmer ate them for supper and again for breakfast the next day!  Clearly these mashed sweet potatoes had passed the test!

Last night I cooked more of the white-skinned sweet potatoes but this time I  grated in about 2 tablespoons of asiago cheese after adding one tablespoon of  butter.  Stir in some garlic powder,  a little salt and pepper. No milk or cream.  A sprinkle of paprika on top!   I have a feeling we’ll be eating lots of these healthy vegetables … adding leftover chicken,  scraps of Thanksgiving turkey,  even leftover roasted veggies.

I’d love it if you would help me find more comfort foods that are healthy and easy on the waistline.   Leave a comment and let me know what you have discovered lately!




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