Easy Banana Pancakes: They’re Gluten Free!


pancakesandsausageOur daughter spent Christmas Day at her grandmother’s home in Vermont this year.  Her cousins were there too,  and her aunt and uncle. One of her cousins brought a friend who shared a special Christmas tradition from his family:  banana pancakes.   Our daughter told me about his special pancakes in a phone call, and I was curious.  It seems that these particular pancakes are made with only 2 ingredients:  ripe banana and eggs.

I decided we would try the recipe one morning when we had one over-ripe banana left on the kitchen counter.  I didn’t expect much. In fact, I expected the pancakes to have very little flavor.   We were completely surprised when the crepe-like silver dollar pancakes turned out to be really tasty.  Sweet.  Satisfying.

Our son is always looking for good gluten-free ideas, so I told him about the special pancakes.  “Good!  We’ll come over for a birthday celebration tomorrow and you can make them!”   When he told his fiancé that we would be celebrating her birthday with pancakes made from eggs and banana,  she was skeptical.  But when she tasted them,  the delight was visible on her face.   We all agreed that this was a great discovery indeed.

bananaandeggbatterI used 2 large eggs for each ripe banana.    The nice thing about these pancakes is that one banana and two eggs makes 6-8 small pancakes…plenty for two people.   Just mash the banana,  beat the eggs slightly, and then use an egg beater to combine the banana and the eggs.    Warm up a skillet,  melt a little butter,  and pour in the batter to make small pancakes.

bananacakesI like to use a non-stick pan made of aluminum and coated with marble…the pancakes need to set up and cook through before you turn them…cooking over medium heat.   If you’re feeling adventurous, add a sprinkle of cinnamon or even a teaspoon of vanilla to the batter.  Serve with fresh fruit,  jam, or maple syrup.  I like mine plain with some turkey sausage.

IMG_5491Aren’t these pretty?  I can’t think of a better way to use up an over-ripe banana…and I’m thrilled to have a gluten-free treat for our family celebrations.  Give them a try!






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