Rain in August? Avocados Love It!


avocado in the rain

I’ve been writing posts about the farm tour with California Farm Water Coalition this weekend.    Did you see the one about the peaches?  And the one about Hudson Fruit Stand?  After all this talk about the severe drought in California,  we were astounded when it started raining on a Sunday afternoon in August!  Not just a few drops…but real, honest-to-goodness rain!


There isn’t enough rain to measure in the rain gauges…but we have had a wonderful afternoon sitting outside watching the intermittent showers…breathing the soft, humid air…an unusual occurrence this time of year.   The avocado leaves are covered with water droplets…washing away the dust so that they can have an easier time with their transpiration duties.


The roads are shiny with the rain!  We had planned to drive into town this afternoon, but rain makes the roads in rain-starved San Diego very slick.   There are often lots of accidents on a rainy day…so we decided to stay home, sit on the porch, and watch the rain.


When the snails come out, we know this is a real rain!   There are snails  all over the asphalt roads…fun to watch!  When our children were small,  they would find a snail and watch it make trails on a piece of black construction paper…a fun art project in nature!

wet avocados

The baby avocados that I showed you a few weeks ago are really getting big now!  This year’s crop of avocados on our family farm  has already been picked from this tree, and the new fruit for next year is growing nicely.

It will take lots of snow in the mountains this winter to make a difference in the drought that California has been enduring.   Water prices are continuing to get higher, forcing farmers out of business unless they have wells or are lucky enough to live in an area that has less expensive water.   It’s hard to know what the future will hold.   But for today, we’ll just enjoy this rain!

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